Beer Clubs are a Great Idea

Now that you are making your own homemade beer, you should begin to look for beer clubs in your area. Maybe even start your own.

Networking is the key to success in any venture and beer clubs are a great way to get together with fellow homebrewers. You can share tips and tricks, compare homebrews, and share stories about the batch that turned nasty and exploded covering your kitchen with a lovely off shade of whatever!.

Having trouble finding one in your area? Try searching on a search engine like Google with the keywords homebrew club or beer club plus your state or city. There is certainly not a lack of opportunities.
Every connoisseur of Brew knows that in order to sample the very best of the thousands of types of beer in existence, you would have to spend a great deal of time travelling the world. That is why many beer lovers choose to join a beer of the month club. Beer of the month club is designed to bring a sample of different beer from all over the world right to your doorstep.

The best beer is not manufactured by large brewing companies, but rather by small microbreweries that pay special attention and care to each batch of beer that they brew. For this reason, most microbreweries are not able to mass produce these special beers or to market them to a large consumer market. Beer of the month club specializes in finding these small breweries scattered across the globe and making their beer available to members of the beer of the month club.

The networking of like-minded individuals is a hallmark of current society. Social networking of beer lovers through clubs for the purpose of sharing ideas about brewing at home has super potential. There may be no more gregarious, fun-loving, opinionated group than beer drinkers, especially those who are into brewing their own at home.

So if your online search doesn’t reveal any existing beer clubs that catch your eye, start your own!

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