Free Online Data Storage

What is a Great Free Online Data Storage Site for Home Use?

In light of the recent increase in data storage for business consumers, there are also quite a few free online data storage sites opening up for the average computer user who needs to make sure that his files do not suddenly disappear. After all, backing up files is one of the most frequently disregarded processes that anyone on a computer does, and far too many people lose their files each and every day simply because they neglected to do a quick backup. However, with free data backup solutions online, there is simply no excuse not to backup your files again and again.

But with so many different free online data storage sites springing up one after another, how is someone supposed to know which one is the best for their needs? Well, there are actually a couple of criteria that you should look at when determining the best online data storage provider for you.

First off, see how much space any given site is going to allow you to use. The amount of data allocated to you will usually range between one and five gigabytes, so you may want to look for a provider that is at least offering you 2.5 gigabytes of storage space.

Next, check to see how much bandwidth you are allowed. Even if a company is offering you 10 gigabytes of storage space, that space can be useless if you are only allowed to upload or download one gigabyte of files per month from that company's servers.

Third, find out what the maximum single file size is and whether or not there are any file formats which you are not allowed to store. There are often hidden rules about how large a single file can be or which files you are not allowed to store on their servers that free online data storage providers love to hit you with out of the blue, so be sure to read the fine print.

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