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A world stuck in its own shadow not growing

Not moving the way, we were told it would

Was it a lie?

A mass conspiracy

A social hoax, on us all

An experiment gone wrong

They promise so much and yet deliver so little

False prophets peddling fear and li

Step inside yourself, they say

Set aside your outer senses

Step inside and see

Your inner workings

Step inside and see

What is hidden

What awaits you there

Fear not

Although the path may be weary for your soul

It is worth doing

Knowing your inner wor

How better to be?

In times of sorrow and despair

Where the weak are belittled instead of held up and honoured

What do we look for in our leaders, these men, and women whose sacred power is to protect

Where do we turn when they fail us

Why do we liste

What if it was your fault?

I mean really. What if?

You try to pretend you are above it all.

That it was all "them".

But what if you drove them to it?

What if their madness is your sanity? Or something like that.

You look back over a year of ‘what the

The world is spiralling out of control. We are entering into corporate colonialism with big tech running the show. With every man, woman, child and others on the planet is the very product sold on the open market. With every keystroke, every like an
The cult of conspiracy ravages within the echo chambers of social media. Painting the wall monochrome with the blood of the naysayer. Leaving the stale scent of resentment for all that do not believe. A warning sign for all that should doubt, with t