Sleepless Dystopian Podcast - Online Safety Bill

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here is nothing the elite hate more than having their narratives disrupted. Of course, in today's world getting your narrative even heard is challenging enough. The elite do have the benefit though of the media who will suck up every ounce of bait that those in the seats of power in government, big business, and especially big tech give them. Big tech of course also has a great stranglehold of all of the narratives of the world through the censorship, suppression, and removal of content that they do not approve of. Good or bad, whatever side you fall down on the freedom of speech online the fact that these tech titans can leverage this power not just over individuals but other companies, the media and the governments of the world should be concerning to us. But is there a solution to it? read our recent article about it here

#onlinesafetybill #onlinecencorshipuk

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