Hi, welcome to my site. My name is Sam and I am a writer, indie publisher, and marketer.  

I write cyberpunk / dystopian fiction, non-fiction, prose, and more. I also occasionally podcast as well as follow other creative pursuits such as NFT art. 

Here I am trying to make sense of this world and break down elements that may be driving us to a dystopian future. 

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We are. For what they do. For what they do in our name. We do not recognise ourselves in their frame, but then it’s obscured. And yet, we let them in the door again and again. Because secretly we like them. We like what they say. It tickles our ears, and we get over-excited defending our view. In no way manipulated or used so we vote against our own interests.

They take us for morons, and we let you. But we used to be ashamed of ourselves, as you taught us. But now we are just ashamed…

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My versions

There have been so many. And yet they were all in some way the same.

The mirror doesn’t lie.

Yes, it does. It does when it is reflected inside my head.

I couldn’t decipher this world at all for the longest time.

And then everything slipped into view. And back out, again.

It was always me there right at the centre I swear it and yet,

I am somehow unrecognisable to myself.


They didn’t correct my thinking. But boy did they…

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Lost in now

There is great beauty in being present. To really be there in the room is a blessing that can so seldom be realised for most of us. And if we are not careful, we can punish ourselves for it. And this will become the memory of when we weren’t present and we needed to be. And so now, now being present in “the now” has become a bitterness that has robbed us of the pleasure of our past. So much so that our thinking of the future becomes an obstacle course of failed attempts. And so, our…

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Fear and loathing in your living room

So why is fear so addictive and used by social media, tech, government, and big business to refocus your attention?

First, let’s look at something called the Reticular Activating System. I was looking for a way to describe this and came across this Medium article by  Tobias van Schneider titled “If you want it, you might get it. The Reticular Activating System explained” which is well worth a read and explains it as follows:

“The …

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The seeds of fear and doubt are addictive and contagious:

I recently posted the below on Facebook.

Thought of the day on the Chaos Architectures of Manipulation and Control

“Deflective marketing and reflexive control are mechanisms of shaping the narrative in a framing whereby the information architecture, from within which the argument draws its knowledge, is designed by the instigator for their desired outcome.

When chaos is added into these architectures of…

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I had to take a break from this for a couple of weeks as the obsession with this subject was getting too intense and not good for me mentally. However, now I can continue.

In this post, we will look at the aims and objectives of the information war conducted by Russia. To understand these is to understand the subtly of how they work at times.

We will also look at the information operations they conduct on their own people, in our next article, to control the narrative and…

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To start off this second post in the “The Russian Information War” series and continue our focus on “Concepts and Terminology” let's first start of by restating that Russian Information Warfare is carried out, in part, during peacetime as well as wartime. Of course, the fact that this is stepped up during times of war is the very reason we are looking at this subject now and diverting from our normal content.

To be more specific The Handbook of Information Warfare that I have been…

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the illusion

The man stood leaning over the balcony edge as he took the last drag from his America Spirit and looked down on the people below. They looked like pathetic little ants, he thought, and over time, he would touch each and every one of their puny little lives and they would never have any idea about it. After a deep drag, he flicked his cigarette down to the anthill below.  

Smiling to himself, he turned to face the glass boardroom behind him from where he had exited. They were still…

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Putin's Road to War (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

Putin's road to war: a Frontline documentary Putin's invasion and illegal war in Ukraine have been brewing within him for a very long time. This documentary outlines his rise to power, his propaganda machine, information and psychological warfare on his own people and the west. How his influence in the US election was not only celebrated by the powerful elites in Russia but also how he used it to sew seeds of doubt and mistrust and disruption across America. And how it emboldened him to crack down not only on his own people but also to position him for this war. Viewer…
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There is nothing the elite hate more than having their narratives disrupted. Of course, in today's world getting your narrative even heard is challenging enough. The elite do have the benefit though of the media who will suck up every ounce of bait that those in the seats of power in government, big business, and especially big tech give them. Big tech of course also has a great stranglehold of all of the narratives of the world through the censorship, suppression, and removal of content that they do not approve of. Good or bad, whatever side you fall down on the freedom of speech online the fact that these tech titans can leverage this power not just over individuals but other companies, the media and the governments of the world should be concerning to us. But is there a solution to it?

Government, especially those in the west and specifically right now I am thinking of the British Government want to gain more control of the technology industries to put in so-called 'safe…

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So, what is really going on right now? What is the truth? Whilst BoJo and his team of co-conspirators look to dismantle the NHS and crash it during a plague. As he and his cronies have said “let the bodies pile high” and then gaslight us with repeating failed concepts; experimenting with the immunity of the heard. Using a metaphor that leaves the British public framed as not just animals and beasts but ones that are tamed, controlled and devoured by their masters. It is clear they have one thing on their agenda: the economy.

For the economy read the bank balances of them and their buddies for which all us, as beasts, are expendable. And whilst his Virgin lobbyist 1%’ers dazzle and distract us by dancing around in space as they ripped new holes in the ozone, the truth goes unnoticed. As we paid for Branson and his cohorts to take their flights of fancy by the many tax avoidance schemes of the billionaire club, he lies to the poor children of the 99% remaining by saying that…

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Lots of people ask themselves what can they do to help the people of Ukraine and stand up to Russia.
Well one thing you can do, aside from donating and going to places to help organise and distribute needed supplies, is cause digital disruption.
What do I mean by that? Become a hacker? Not necessarily, but if you have those skills it would be a great way to help, but you can cause digital disruption to Information Warfare. There are many skills that can be applied whether you have technical experience or not.
As with my Facebook page, my Twitter, and my website I talk a lot about digital influence, manipulation, PysOps,…
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Conspiracy and War on Sensemaking

1min Read: Opinion: Conspiracy and War on Sensemaking

You would be amiss to have not noticed there is a war on our ability to make sense of the world going on right now. The information wars are raging in the western world. The war on reality, the war on facts and the idea of fake news and “alternative facts” has become prevalent.

Trump is the most obvious and outspoken spokesperson for this, but he is not working alone, and it is not only the far right that that is adding to and causing confusion. We could be forgiven for thinking that the world is going crazy because that is how it feels most of the time.

I would argue that ever since 2015 and the Brexit vote in the UK, swiftly followed by the election of Trump in 2016, we have seen a constant onslaught on our sensemaking abilities primarily through social media.

Say what you like about Trump and Brexit, and I have said plenty, but they knew how to use social media and behavioural targeting to sway…

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Chapter two - The next chapter in my dystopian cyberpunk book project - and the devil died…
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We court ourselves our entire lives. We are hardly getting to know ourselves…
Jun 16
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We are. For what they do. For what they do in our name. We do not recognise ourselves in their…
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A Look at an Allergy Report
An allergy report can often be found on web stations and websites…
Jun 11

This is a repost of an article written by me in 2016/17 from a site I have now closed down. 

The last three major elections/votes in the US and UK have been filled with shock. First came Brexit, then came Trump and now we have a hung parliament in the UK.

How does this happen? How do the pundits get it so wrong? How does this big data not make forecasts more predictable?

There are many theories as to why these votes turned out the way they did. But one underlying issue is that communication and segmented echo chambers on social media became an issue.

Some of this will be because politicians tapped into qualitative data, feelings and frustrations of the general public and used this to steer their communications strategy.

Others will have taken on a more quantitative approach taking on board data science and behavioural science to design their communications strategy.

This is not just theory. One company Cambridge Analytica worked with Ted…

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The term social marketing often gets confused with social media marketing. To make matters worse social marketing quite often uses social media in its marketing toolkit. But social marketing is actually a discipline in and of itself. It is used to influence positive behavioural changes in society, communities and organisations.  

Social marketers have to have a keen understanding of not just marketing and communications techniques but also behavioural psychology, sociology and socioeconomics to name just a few. Understanding of political and environmental issues is also of keen benefit.  

There are many examples of where this has been applied and no more so than listed in this article from the Guardian back in 2011…

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Estimated 2 minutes read: Article Marketing: It is Good to End With a Resource Box: Series Marketing Your Cause

When we look at books in the store, we always see the cover with the title and the name of the author printed on both the front and the side. In article marketing, details of who wrote it the article and other important details about the individual must always be placed at the bottom which is known as the resource box. 

The resource box is the “author’s bio.” It is also called “sig” which is short for signature. There are certain things that should be placed here which you must never forget to include so people will know who you are.

First, is your name. Some people use their real names while others use a pen name. If you are a doctor, mention your title as well because this adds credibility to your article.

If the article that you wrote is promoting a cause or campaign and you want others to…

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Estimated two minutes read: Article Marketing Is Important: Series Marketing Your Cause

Article marketing has been used for years. From media publications, it has shifted to the web which many experts say is timeless thus making it very important in the digital age.

The reason why article marketing is so important is that it will not only enhance your website with information but it will also make it go up the ranks of major search engines which all boils down to quality traffic.

This means that chances of people signing up to your cause via the web are much higher and some of these supporters might even come from out of state or from a different country.

  1. You can make this happen simply by choosing the right keywords which the search engines will pick up when someone decides to look for it.
  2. Another option is to send your articles only to those that cater to it.…
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We keep stepping forward

We keep stepping forward, each breath through time,

Each step moving closer to death and rebirth,

In a continual continuum of space,

Stepping in beat,

Moving forward,

Falling off one’s own feet,

Tumbling from this event, that thing and when,

Not really getting a grasp,

A hold of what’s going on,

Tumble forth into disaster, love and loss,

The world revolving around you,

The universe bends to your own rules,

We are the gods of our own universe,

Tumbling through rebirth and rebirth,

And not learning a bloody thing.

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Piecing Back Together A Fractured Reality

We live in a fractured world. I don’t think that is a surprise to anyone or a controversial statement. We have some hope with the changes in leadership in the US but even with a new leader over there the country is fractured, torn down the middle by political and racial conflict, not to mention Covid.

How do we make sense of the senseless world?

How do we deal with the constant bombardment of negative news on our mental and physical health?

The previous president of the United States, and no I will not use his name as it only adds to his branding, shook the very meaning of reality by promoting the idea of alternative facts and fake news.

The fact that there are alternative theories is true but even scientists will say that there are no facts just proven or yet to be disproven theories. But that doesn’t mean complete fabrication is the same as a competing theory.

And yes, there is fake news out there. In both fringe alternative media and,…

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The initial onslaught of hype, panic and surge in consultants offering advice on GDPR up to its official launch in May 2018 certainly made it feel, to marketers at least, like a massive constraint in marketing. We had just gotten used to phrases such as ‘big data’, ‘data science’ and ‘automation’.

We had been sold the hype of programmatic advertising, real time bidding and the use of behavioral economics with this creative art had becoming part science. Not just MADMEN but Math Men/Women/non-binary marketers.

The famous line, I think attributed to the former CEO of Coca Cola, of “I know 50% of my advertising is working and 50% isn’t, the problem is I just don’t which is which” or words to that affect, seemed like a thing of the past.

At that time, we realized we could know more about our customers than they or their friends and family knew, and we could market and sell to them in real time, for products they were about to need before they even knew…

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Start off by Setting Three to Four Simple KPI’s 

The first place to start is with something simple. Setting KPI’s. I say simple sometimes deciding on what these are can be somewhat difficult and open to interpretation as to what the main drivers are depending on the size of your organisation.  

For me, if I take this site as an example, I would have the following three areas;…

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Simple Financial Support for SME's

Business today can be tricky and sometimes you need the financial support to make the right investment in technology or infrastructure to maximise on the opportunities when they come. On this site, we do not offer financial advice but we do put you in touch with the lenders who can and who specialises in helping small and medium-sized businesses in the UK. 

If you are looking for asset…

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We spend our days being bombarded by words. From the first thoughts that jump into our heads as we wake up to the very last thoughts that fill our minds as we try to fall asleep.  

Some of these we notice, some we do not.  

We have words thrown at us from every direction. Infiltrating our very thoughts.  

Whether we throw on the TV, switch on the radio or just look at our smartphones first thing we start our days with the words of others entering into our reality. If we don’t filter this it can impact on our day, our thinking, our feelings and even our health. 

Far too often our thoughts and the words bouncing around inside our heads are to someone else’s agenda. Whether that be our work colleagues, our partners or that of a furtherly detached third party such as those that filter through to us from the mass media or social ecosystems.  

If words become thoughts, and if thoughts become feelings, and if these feelings cause chemical reactions to…

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Our words matter.

In fact, they are paramount.

The words we choose to speak, listen to and tell ourselves shape the narratives of our lives and the lives around us. Words and the narratives they form shape society and indeed the world.

Through your words, I have a window into your world and far too often your words betray your inner secrets.

I can use your words to market to you. To sell you an idea and to get inside your mind.

Words and cutlery separate us from the animals.

Words form inside our minds and shape our story.

Sometimes our words are used to build others up, and sometimes to knock them down. Sometimes they are used wisely and all too often they betray us.

We only seem to remember the negative ones and so seldom the positive. And if we can become metacognitive enough to really stop and watch the words that form our thoughts, we can gain real insight into our own inner world and how it is influenced by the stories,…

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Marketing Mentalist / AKA Sam's Tweets

The 2020 election was marked by severe political divisions, a public health crisis, unease about the voting process, concerns about… Some interesting data here; whilst most Americans surveyed seem to believe they had enough information to make a decision during the recent US election 4 in 5 felt they had been exposed to misinformation. This is no surprise to us it is a sign of a change in awareness to some, if not all, of the problem we are tackling today. All free countries should be looking…
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Black Lives Matter: 3 words that shouldn’t need saying in 2020 but sadly do 

After witnessing the horrible death of George Floyd at the hands of a sadistic police officer, as we all have, on social media, the Black Lives Matter movement and subsequent protests have ricocheted around the world.  

As a white male, I am not even going to begin to pretend I understand the lived experience of people of colour either in my home country, the UK, or the US. What I do know is that I am…

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