grab it whilst it’s not.

grab it whilst it’s not.

It creeps in, the madness. And it is not a case of whether you let it, or how strong you are. It is not case of giving up. Quite the opposite. It is because you’re holding on.

There is no amount of affirmation you make that equate to greatness. Whatever that is.

There is no simple formula.

And it is not case of whether you have got it, or you haven’t. it is nothing more than luck. For some.


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On the edge of being dangerous

They'll break you if they can.

They will grind you down until you know your place.

They will take that part of you that is truly you, and they’ll have you doubting its value.

And when they do you will be too tired to fight it.

And you'll start to believe them.…

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drained of all uselessness

drained of all uselessness

What is this country we live in? what lies have festered since before our very conception? We can pretend we have freedom, that this island leads the world. We can bury heads with ease; it is what we have always done. Some things are better left unsaid and all that. distracted from the true face of it from the start. Why would we question?

Not even to tread in those footsteps…

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It isn’t easy. Life. It is worth living, for the most part. But no one said it was going to be easy.

Don’t let the bastards grind you down, that’s what they say. That’s easy to say, and if you know who the bastards are it might be easy to do. But when the bastards are engrained in the system, the very fabric of society, and who and what it is, then it is a lot easier said than done.…

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I would be lying to myself if I wasn’t apprehensive. And I fight the wave of despair that they are pushing down our throats. In the hope that I won’t ever have to accept it. Because I know it doesn’t have to be this way, but I struggle to see a clear way out. Is that pessimistic or realistic or just short-sighted? I wish I saw opportunity. I wish I saw the light at the end of it all, but I don’t. maybe I am just over tired. Perhaps I am just bored. But I think it is…

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Melancholy the mollusc

Melancholy the mollusc had an unusual day, but they would never tell you about it. Some are just like that, it's ok, some are the other way too. It’s all about balance, right? Melancholy tine mollusc had balance, and plenty of it, so much so that they couldn’t give it away. But having such a wonderous life, as Melancholy the mollusc did, it leaves you seldom with things to small talk about at parties, and so they wouldn’t go. It was easier to hang around here, and…

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Can we change the world with words alone?

What are we doing when we write? When we write nonfiction is anyone listening? When we write fiction is the aim to make a point or entertain? Can we do both? How do we push the boundaries of writing into new realms? With our immersion into the digital, can we think differently to be creators of new worlds, new realities?

I have enjoyed writing fiction since my late teens. I am 44 now.

Over that time, I…

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Hi, welcome to my site. My name is Sam and I am a writer, indie publisher, and marketer.  

I write cyberpunk / dystopian fiction, non-fiction, abstract prose, and more. I also occasionally podcast as well as follow other creative pursuits such as NFT art. 

my work is a comment on this dystopian world we seem to be building and sleepwalking into. 

Check out my books/works in progress on substack in the links above ^  and below you will find articles I have written under the banner: sleepwalking into dystopia.

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It is something that is preorganised or a bandwagon that is jumped on. It stokes fear in the public and for that reason it has value. Value to governments, big business, and those that like to seed doubts in the very foundations of society. Therefore, it has utility.

If by jumping on the back of that wagon and indeed seeking to make routes to take over the reins, I really hope this metaphor is panning out, those that aim to utilise that social panic for their own use gain…

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Sleepwalking into dystopia looks at the role of big tech verse government legislation that both try to gaslight us into believing they are fighting for us when the reality is quite the opposite

Why do people not see it? Why do they conflate it with conspiracy theory or some kind of radical extremist for even thinking about what is going on in the world? Most people would rather bury their heads in the sand than face…

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Lots of people ask themselves what can they do to help the people of Ukraine and stand up to Russia.
Well one thing you can do, aside from donating and going to places to help organise and distribute needed supplies, is cause digital disruption.
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Conspiracy and War on Sensemaking

1min Read: Opinion: Conspiracy and War on Sensemaking

You would be amiss to have not noticed there is a war on our ability to make sense of the world going on right now. The information wars are raging in the western world. The war on reality, the war on facts and the idea of fake news and “alternative facts” has become prevalent.

Trump is the most obvious and outspoken spokesperson for this, but he is not working alone, and it is not only the far right that that is adding to…

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i am Sam i am published an article
grab it whilst it’s not.
It creeps in, the madness. And it is not a case of whether you let it, or…
i am Sam i am published an article
They'll break you if they can.
They will grind you down until you know your place.
They will take…
Nov 20
i am Sam i am published an article
drained of all uselessness
What is this country we live in? what lies have festered since before…
Nov 13
Editorial Team published an article
Cloves are definitely one of the most distinct herbs around but ironically enough, cloves have been…
Nov 12

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