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The Latest in Allergy Research

New allergy research is being done all of the time to find ways to combat and control allergy symptoms, especially for those who suffer from the severity of one or more allergies. Even people who have mild forms of alle

What is an Allergy?

An allergy is an abnormal response that the body has to something foreign that it comes in contact with. While the substance may not cause harm to the body, it affectís the immune system and causes a reaction. This reaction can tr

How to Find a Well Trained Acupuncture Doctor in Your Area

Even though acupuncture is rapidly becoming an acceptable type of alternative medicine, it may still be difficult to find a highly trained acupuncture doctor in your neighborhood - especially

A Look at an Allergy Report

An allergy report can often be found on web stations and websites related to weather. Many news reports often give reports on allergies related to the temperature and season of the year. For example CNN ( has o


There is an unquestionable correlation between the occurrence of acid reflux and your diet. Everything in the body has a fragile balance. The human body is indeed a miracle of systems that maintains just about the right settings to keep

Allergy Season

How to Cope with Allergy Season

Many people think of allergy season as the spring and fall seasons and find that they donít suffer as much during the summer months. As well, most people are shivering from the cold in the wintertime whi

Things You Should Know About Aging Skin Care

As we get older, the need to understanding about the ins and outs of aging skin care become more important to us. Here are a couple tips about aging skin care that you may want to keep in mind.

First, skin

Types of Allergy Medication on the Market

Many people who suffer from allergies need some form of allergy medication to bring relief from their symptoms. Allergies can cause skin to itch and swell, the nose to run and feel stuffed up, and eyes to be

What are the Major Differences Between Acupuncture, Acupressure?

If you are just finding out about traditional Asian medicinal practices, such as acupuncture and acupressure, you are probably confused about what the differences are between the two ty

Acid Reflux, popularly known as heartburn has nothing to do with the heart, but is caused by the abnormal backflow or reflux, of stomach acid and juices into the esophagus, the tube that carries food from your throat to your stomach. When stomach aci

ong-Term Allergy Relief with Allergy Shots

If you suffer from recurring allergy problems that do not respond well to a variety of types of medication then the type of allergy relief you should consider is allergy shots. This is also the case if you s

More and more people are trying to lose weight the natural way. This often means by controlling their diet and following a good exercise program. But along with these weight loss ideas many people are desperately looking for other answer to speed up

Anxiety Attack Symptom: Triggers of Stress

Stress and anxiety are considered to be the natural defense mechanisms of the body that are triggered off whenever we have to face an unpleasant situation. However, when these defense mechanisms take the for

Why You Need to Get Your High Blood Pressure Under Control

A couple of decades ago, my grandfather died of complications as a result of high blood pressure, and unless you want to share his untimely fate, I suggest you pay attention as to why your bl

If you are reading this you have probably experienced acute or chronic back pain in your lifetime. This article is to give you information on what type of back pain exercise is good when you are in severe, acute pain. If you have had back pain you pr

One of the most incredible things about the ancient Asian medical techniques is the amount of great benefits that they can provide patients - case in point, the biggest benefit of acupuncture, an overall feeling of health and wellness that cannot fea

The brain is a tireless workhorse that controls all bodily activities. It should be kept in good shape at all times. This can be done by exposing it to various training methods. Take a look.

Your brain does not have the innate ability to store energy

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