What are Natural Fat Burners

More and more people are trying to lose weight the natural way. This often means by controlling their diet and following a good exercise program. But along with these weight loss ideas many people are desperately looking for other answer to speed up the pound shedding process. Fat burners are one such answer. To many taking a pill to help lose weight is a concern. There are too many horror stories about becoming addicted to diet pills to make this as comfortable an alternative as it once was. Fortunately there are now natural fat burners that can be used for this purpose and although many are in pill form they are safer to use and not addictive. Think of the word natural to mean something that grows from a plant and that will help you determine if the fat burner you are looking to try is truly natural.

Not all natural fat burners will be available in supplement form. Some will come in other forms like green tea. Green tea is a fat burner. It is recommended that a person drink at least four cups daily, preferably one with each meal. This will help to burn off even sitting calories. Ma Huang is a well known Chinese herb that is a fat burner that will also up your energy level. It is still available to consumers looking to burn off their excess fat but as ephedrine is the active ingredient, and it has been banned in the United States from being sold as a diet supplement it may be better to stay away from this one. It came on the market in 1993 but was banned in 2004 because of too many people were suffering dangerous side effects and just under one hundred deaths traced back to direct use of it.

Other natural fat burners that can be used include fenugreek which an herb. Not only does this spice add a nice taste but it is known to help reduce fat absorption. It also gives you a feeling of fullness which will cut down on what you eat. Caffeine is a very well known fat burner. It is frequently found in fat burner supplements as well as occurring in green tea that in itself is a good fat burner. Just remember before deciding to try any of these consult your health care provider.

Green Tea Fat Burner: A Healthy Way to Burn Calories





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