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Brexit, yet again UK politicians have failed to make a decision or unite to lead us in the decision made by British public. Don’t get me wrong I do not want to Leave the EU. I voted to remain. And ever since I have said there was never anything more

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Introducing a look into Big data, data science, AI, machine learning, and weapons of math destruction. How it influences our world and why it is part of the framework we look at.
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An introduction to our concept of Behavioural Linguistics as a tool for critical thinking and sensemaking.
#behaviourallinguistics​ #behaviorallinguistics​ #sensemaking​ #neurolinguistics​ #behavioralcommunications​ #behavioraleconomics​…
Apr 5
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Intro into Sleepless Dystopian the website, podcast, and more. Looking into what we will be looking into in this podcast; digital, direct, and data-driven behavioral marketing and communications, how they shape narratives, and how we can use…
Apr 4
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In a world where reality is subjective and fake truths out way facts what can you believe? You spend your days downloading digital delusion and confusion and fear is all you see. The world looked a little different yesterday, or so you think. But…
Feb 15
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Jan 26
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We live in a fractured world. I don’t think that is a surprise to anyone or a controversial statement. We have some hope with the changes in leadership in the US but even with a new leader over there the country is fractured, torn down the middle by…
Jan 23
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A world stuck in its own shadow not growing
Not moving the way, we were told it would
Was it a lie?
A mass conspiracy
A social hoax, on us all
An experiment gone wrong
They promise so much and yet deliver so little
False prophets peddling fear…
Jan 17
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Jan 14
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A personal finance budget is more than simply a family budget. A finance budget includes more sophisticated financial options such as stocks, bonds, and other investments. Simple personal budgets can be done with a spreadsheet. You can even do it on…
Jan 10
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Step inside yourself, they say Set aside your outer senses Step inside and see Your inner workings Step inside and see What is hidden What awaits you there Fear not Although the path may be weary for your soul It is worth doing Knowing your inner…
Jan 7
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The 2020 election was marked by severe political divisions, a public health crisis, unease about the voting process, concerns about…

Some interesting data here; whilst most Americans surveyed seem to believe they had enough information to make a…
Dec 14, 2020
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Court blocks baseless effort by Republicans to undo Joe Biden’s victory in four states
Dec 12, 2020
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Exclusive: UK regulators give go-ahead for drug to be trialled ahead of possible treatment alongside psychotherapy

Finally some positive progressive news
Dec 12, 2020
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Two years ago, complaints against real time bidding (RTB) were lodged by Jim Killock of Open Rights Group, Michael Veale of UCL, and Johnny Ryan.


Every time you visit a website, hundreds if not thousands of hidden…
Dec 11, 2020
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ClichÈ as it is, the eyes are indeed the windows of the soul. The eye body language is one of the most powerful mediums of nonverbal communication. It can either support or betray whatever you are saying. Even the slightest movement of the eye can…
Dec 9, 2020
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How better to be? In times of sorrow and despair Where the weak are belittled instead of held up and honoured What do we look for in our leaders, these men, and women whose sacred power is to protect Where do we turn when they fail us Why do we…
Dec 7, 2020