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Here is where if this was a self-help book, I would have to talk about positive self-talk and developing a positive narrative. And maybe you should. The problem with this is that when you are in a mind-set of negativity the last thing you want to hea

Those formative years that I mentioned earlier are so important. They really are and the clue is in the title. They are our “formative” years. They help define and form who we are as human beings. How we see ourselves and the people and world around

There has been a lot said about mindfulness and if you have studied anything to do with the mind and meditation no doubt you have heard about it. It is indeed the buzz word in meditation for the western world because it is quite simply so easy, acces

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You could be forgiven for thinking the government has treated the pandemic as an opportunity to reward its friends, says researcher Sophie Hill

The Tories have undoubtedly seen this pandemic as an opportunity.

An opportunity to exploit the system…
Nov 22
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Tories bought tools to work out voters’ race and religion before 2019 election.

“This really should be headline national news. 10,000,000 people racially profiled without consent by the UK Conservative Party. Buried on page 11 of 21 of an ICO…
Nov 21
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When we first took on the ad industry we knew it would not be simple.
Nov 18
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Trade agreements matter; and Parliament has been cut out of the substance.

The UK-Japan trade deal is quietly introducing big changes to our data privacy laws with little scrutiny or democratic oversight. Parliament must demand answers.…
Nov 17
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Subscribe. Directed by Amanda Zackem Short film by American Canary. UNM is currently in production of the documentary, Ecosophi...

We need to see reality for what it is, no matter how bleak, for us to have hope and…
Nov 15
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Your privacy must not become a bargaining chip. British privacy laws ensure that you control your personal data and are protected from privacy violations.
But this could come to an end in 2021 if politicians agree to throw away our privacy…
Nov 14
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Presidential poll was the most secure ever, says statement from cybersecurity experts, in clearest repudiation yet of Donald Trump’s claims
Nov 13
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Millions of farm animals worldwide could suffer if the UK sacrifices its standards to secure new trade deals. I’ve signed the open letter to the UK Government demanding that all food imports meet UK standards, to protect animal welfare, human health…
Nov 13
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Fears that appointment of extreme Republican partisans could endanger or politicise operation of defense department

What’s his real agenda whilst he distracts the media and public with lies about voter fraud?..... oh maybe this..
“Fears that…
Nov 11
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The outgoing president has two ‘election defense funds’ – but the small print shows donations will go towards paying off debt

“ Donald Trump’s latest endeavor? Asking his supporters to pay his debts
The outgoing president has two ‘election defense…
Nov 10
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Donald Trump uses Twitter as a diversion tactic when faced with bad press, a new study has found.

I am not sure they actually needed a study to figure this out ?!…
Nov 10
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What if it was your fault?
I mean really. What if?
You try to pretend you are above it all.
That it was all "them".
But what if you drove them to it?
What if their madness is your sanity? Or something like that.
You look back over a year of ‘what…
Nov 10
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Studying and learning how to read and understand body language could give you three advantages: (1) ability to control the situation, (2) know what others are thinking and intend to say, and lastly, (3) know how to express without the use of…
Nov 9
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Rudy Giuliani details strategy in the car park of a landscaping business next door to a porn shop and a cremation centre

A fitting end outside the wrong four seasons and an adult store…
Nov 8
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Democrat voted 46th president after election marked by vast turnout amid pandemic and social upheaval

Finally the US can move forward instead of back and has something to look forward to in 2021…
Nov 7
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YouTube Description: Called the “closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience,” by The Atlantic magazine, Tristan Harris spent three years as a Google Design Ethicist developing a framework for how technology should “ethically” steer the…
Nov 7