Brexit, deal or no deal that is the question?

Brexit, yet again UK politicians have failed to make a decision or unite to lead us in the decision made by British public. Don’t get me wrong I do not want to Leave the EU. I voted to remain. And ever since I have said there was never anything more stupid than letting the public make a decision that we are to uneducated and unqualified to make. But that is what the Tories did and now we are where we are. A manipulated and poorly informed public made a stupid decision. But democracies are full of stupid decisions and it is up to our elected officials to deliver on the results the people voted for.  

Maybe it’s the fact that politicians usually get voted in on false promises that they can forget and distract the public from the fact they never deliver on. Maybe that is why these imbeciles are so incapable of delivering a result of a united front to deliver a good Brexit deal post leave day.  

They are too busy thinking about their own political careers post Brexit rather than focusing on what is right for the UK. Forget trying to push for a second vote. And worse still forget pushing for a no deal.  

Who are these people that want and no deal?  

They promote their nationalistic pride whilst wanting to see the UK crash and burn into a possible recession with no trade agreements and locked down borders.  

They will dress that up as scaremongering but with no trade agreement deals then guess what! That means no trading across borders. It’s not fucking rocket science. A no deal means a hard Brexit, a hard Brexit means no transition period. 

A no deal is the worst outcome for the UK. But then it seems that some people just want to see the world burn, and they are starting here.     

No deal would also mean that all of the international trade agreements we are signed up to, as being part of the EU, would no longer apply. Meaning new deals would have to be drawn up.  

When negotiating any deal, you do not want the other side knowing your weaknesses or the fact of how much you need that deal. If they do, they have the upper hand and the deal will be better for them than it is for you. No deal means we are rich for the picking from the circling vultures.  

Either way you look at it the UK and its political leaders look weak and pathetic to the rest of the world. And that is because that’s what we are. The false promises, lies and harking back to “better days” proliferated during the Brexit and Vote Leave campaigning have left the UK in the worst possible position.  

written by Sam

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