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They feed their fat faces, whilst they cut our throats.
The bastards love it. And you help spoon it in. even though they spit in your faces. But it’s okay as long as they're racist, they’ll get your vote.
You can bury your head in the bottom of a…
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It comes as a shock, life.
When you eventually start living it that is.
Before then it is just a fucking annoyance.
Or for some a fucking blessing, lucky bastards.
But eventually, you will realise you have not been living all along.
And hope it…
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Trouble crafts itself around my organs
Clawing on to my heart for dear life
Grafting at the edges.
I should have been gone by now
Or so the thought says
But another denies it. Calls it out for what it is.
When is it over.
When does it begin.
Sep 19
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The vibration touches inside me. As it penetrates my eardrums.
Taking me to places I had thought I had never been.
Until I realised, I had.
Same places.
Same faces.
We’re stuck in this together.
You lick my finger.
It takes my mind off.
Sep 18
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The problem with life is that it can be fucking hard
and shit at times
Yes, it can be wonderful and beautiful too, but mostly, a lot at least, if I am not being dramatic, is shit.
you know that as much, don’t you?
they want us to deny it,…
Aug 23
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This thing we’re creating, it’s not natural but it comes from it. At least we used to be. Now we are part robot. And we don’t mind it.
In fact
We love it.
We get withdrawals if we are moments away from it.
This thing we’re…
Aug 21
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people say they are going to go dark and they don’t mean it
they say they are disconnecting, going off-grid but it is all just utter bullshit
and I am no different
I mean clearly look at me typing into a computer to write a post…
Aug 16
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bitterest of friends and the sweetest of enemies
conversation never stops starting
going off to the side.
who am I to answer.
silence. brings clarity. without them we’re lost.
they are our friends, after all. our enemies too, but they do have a…
Jul 28
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Regret is a motherfucker. Eating you up inside. Devouring you in a parasitic frenzy. Ignited by circumstance. Joy turns. Bad gets worse. They say they are not worth having, and their right. Whoever they are. But they never say how you stop. Not for…
Jul 21
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Jul 17
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His vermin-filled intestines spill forth bi-libelous delectations that only he can abide. And whatever driveling bullshit comes out of his mouth. I am not going to miss him. I do not think he is funny or charming or a ‘bit of a fool’, I think he is…
Jul 11
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We know their type
We know who they are.
And yet we ponder, and they fail to deliver.
Rotate all you want. They are all facing the same way.
After the one thing, they should never have.
And yet you gave it them so freely.
And you ask.
Or forget…
Jul 10
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Is there any point? Yes, there is.
Simple. But they don’t want you to think that.
It doesn’t suit their purpose for you to have hope.
It only serves to keep you in your place.
Where you have utility. To them if not you and yours.
Just stay where you…
Jul 6
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It is something that is preorganised or a bandwagon that is jumped on. It stokes fear in the public and for that reason it has value. Value to governments, big business, and those that like to seed doubts in the very foundations of society.…
Jul 4
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Sleepwalking into dystopia looks at the role of big tech verse government legislation that both try to gaslight us into believing they are fighting for us when the reality is quite the opposite
Why do people not see it? Why do they conflate it with…
Jul 2
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Chapter two - The next chapter in my dystopian cyberpunk book project - and the devil died screaming - live now on substance

In a time when we are witnessing the potential collapse of society and capitalism. When things seem to be escalating out…
Jun 25