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The days I cherished most were the ones where I completely immersed myself in the creative process. When I entered "the zone," as they say. Time felt slower, almost standing still, and during that time I was consumed by the art and science of…
13 hours ago
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I am so fucked up
33 years of programming is hard to remove
And it’s a useful excuse
I am full of them
33 years of practice
Hard to establish new ways of being
Hidden from the world
And Armageddon is coming
I don’t believe…
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Pearls before pigs’ man, like I know, fishing deep in the offal for offering.diving isn’t deep anymore.And neither are the divers.There’s nothing worth seeing down there.Get your finger out of our arseholes.And we’ll get ours out of yours.It’s our…
Feb 25
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When I was deeply immersed in my creative process, interruptions were not welcome. While I didn't need complete silence, I preferred to be left alone and undisturbed. That's why I designed my studio as an impenetrable fortress, fortified with…
Feb 24
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Although I occasionally went to the office to work, I preferred creating from the comfort of my home, where silence and solitude allowed for uninterrupted daydreaming that often sparked my creativity. To me, daydreaming was just as important in…
Feb 17
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Do we have pearls to spare?
I doubt it round here.
There is no wisdom either.
Not enough imagination.
To realise they are stuck.
Or too pacified.
Of where the next meal is coming from.
I am lucky.
Many are not.
I should do more.
We all…
Feb 12
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Feb 11
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in the shadows we lurk
dismissed from the table
no banquet to speak of
the misguided become misinformed
and the cracks start to show
the chambers once echoed
voices rising up in unison
now they sit empty
they take up arms
we take up words…
Feb 11
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Ok I am gonna say it, I have been quiet.
Lost for words.
And to a degree I still am.
I mean…….
Is it in our generations, in our lifetimes that this is going to happen?
Whatever this is………. it isn’t good.
Feb 4
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abstract silence falls from lips and fights no more. yearn to touch. resonates within, deeper than before. feeding things, the beast is hungry. tiny gnawing. ankles.
Jan 13
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it’s difficult, to live this life, the best one we can under any circumstances. It isn’t easy, and even if it appears as though it is for some, we know it so isn’t. we know the reality of the situation because we are living it too. I am not talking…
Dec 10, 2023
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I take your money for a smile. It is genuine but fades after a while. Reality sets in.
I take another hit, but it’s never enough, a sip for the buzz, might be too much.
Stuck on a track, busy looking back, not seeing what’s in front of me.
Dec 9, 2023
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“Why did you start doing what you do now?”
They were up early again making something in the kitchen. No doubt to placate me after I walked off the other evening.
There was coffee freshly made so I thought I would play along for now. I stepped out…
Dec 2, 2023
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“Do you think The Singularity could ever really happen?” they asked while they kicked back with their feet up on my front porch.
“How do you know it hasn’t already?” I counter-offered.
“Do you not think we would know?” 
“Well, if this was a…
Nov 29, 2023
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Chin up buttercup, no flowers in the sky, no rain falls outside desert walls, no snow to flow, we die
Nov 18, 2023
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in the violence of words.
peace reframed, brings the hate out to enlighten us.
in streets, fighting for what is not attacked, from those calling out what is,
hiding truth in lies. bullets in babies. for the greater good. reframe, make palatable.…
Nov 12, 2023