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it’s difficult, to live this life, the best one we can under any circumstances. It isn’t easy, and even if it appears as though it is for some, we know it so isn’t. we know the reality of the situation because we are living it too. I am not talking…
13 hours ago
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I take your money for a smile. It is genuine but fades after a while. Reality sets in.
I take another hit, but it’s never enough, a sip for the buzz, might be too much.
Stuck on a track, busy looking back, not seeing what’s in front of me.
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“Why did you start doing what you do now?”
They were up early again making something in the kitchen. No doubt to placate me after I walked off the other evening.
There was coffee freshly made so I thought I would play along for now.
“What do you…
Dec 2
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“Do you think The Singularity could ever really happen?” they asked while they kicked back with their feet up on my front porch.
“How do you know it hasn’t already?” I counter-offered.
“Do you not think we would know?” 
“Well, if this was a…
Nov 29
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Chin up buttercup, no flowers in the sky, no rain falls outside desert walls, no snow to flow, we die
Nov 18
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in the violence of words.
peace reframed, brings the hate out to enlighten us.
in streets, fighting for what is not attacked, from those calling out what is,
hiding truth in lies. bullets in babies. for the greater good. reframe, make palatable.…
Nov 12
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an eye for an eye, in god they trust, killing in the name of.
just whose god, or who is.
if everyone is to end up blind, or partially sighted at best, then in the land of the blind, a one-eyed person holds the reigns.
justify as you testify, but…
Oct 14
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you never see it coming, but you expect it none the same.
it comes in slowly, to its own fame.
& yet we never mention it by name.  
it rips your heart out, up through your soul, as you choke trying to pull it out of your throat.
and you expect it…
Oct 5
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There would be no point in enlightenment if it was to be achieved, and experienced by sitting in silence, staring at walls.
Oct 1
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Strolling thru some mediocre, twenty-four-thousand words some good, some bad, just so I can get to the point that I can write what I am meaning to say. And so often their slipping, but there is something in the scrolling that is strangely poetic and…
Sep 15
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what am i doing here? that is the question
Sep 15
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an edge.
supposedly it’s good to have one
but what if that edge has you.
what then. 
it is there, lurking in the background. waiting.
waiting. for the right time.
it is the waiting that kills you. that swells deep inside.
gnawing away at your liver.…
Aug 22
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The 1% used to be the stuff of conspiracy theories—until it became our reality. The theorists suddenly had increased credibility, but unfortunately for us this only occurred when it was too late. The 1% were guaranteed safety while the rest of us…
Jul 8
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We are what we are, if only we could be happy with that
It was good, and then it went away. It does that.
The darkness creeps in and spoils an almost alright time.
My feet ache, and I haven’t been anywhere. It makes me feel like I am an old man. And…
Jul 2
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It's incredible, in a world where most people are tucked away in virtual conversations, that those living in physical reality have so little to offer each other in terms of contact. I hadn't had human intimacy for two decades and thought it would…
Jul 1
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It has been a while since I recorded and posted a podcast. Mainly because I needed to rethink what I was doing. I was bored, I felt fake, I was trying to be ...
Jun 30