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Apr 13
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Apr 5
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Ginkgo is one of the oldest tree species that are alive and the leaves are one of the most studied leaves in clinical settings today. Ginkgo Biloba is an herbal form of medicine and in Europe and The United States is one of the biggest sellers. Many…
Mar 11
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Eucalyptus is an aromatic herb that has properties that provide great relief as a decongestant and an expectorant. For centuries Vick's which is made as a Eucalyptus rub is applied to the back and chest of a person who has a common cold or any other…
Feb 11
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Echinacea is an herb that is extremely effective and holds multiple purposes. There are nine different species of Echinacea but the one most commonly used and referred to is the Echinacea purpurea. Many people take Echinacea everyday to prevent…
Jan 14
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Since farther back than anyone can remember Frankincense has been used for medicinal and religious purposes. Early Egyptians used Frankincense as part of their embalming process, the Greeks used it as an antidote to hemlock poisoning, and the…
Dec 18, 2022
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The Dandelion is an herbaceous plant that really is much more than just a nuisance in your yard. For all purposes, the Dandelion leaves are at their best just as they emerge from the ground and they are very distinct as nothing really resembles this…
Dec 17, 2022
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Cloves are definitely one of the most distinct herbs around but ironically enough, cloves have been around forever and are not finished doing business just yet. Usually if you can not get your hands on some cloves, Allspice can be a substitute.…
Nov 12, 2022
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Cilantro is a very fast growing herb which can be grown just about anywhere. It is a relative of the carrot family and is sometimes called Chinese parsley and Coriander. Cilantro actually is the leaves and stems of the Coriander plant.
It has a very…
Oct 22, 2022
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Chamomile is an herb that has been used for thousands of years for many ailments including gas, diarrhea, stomach upset, sleeplessness, and anxiety. It can also be used topically for certain skin lesions. The Chamomile plant has flowering tops and…
Sep 24, 2022
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The Latest in Allergy Research
New allergy research is being done all of the time to find ways to combat and control allergy symptoms, especially for those who suffer from the severity of one or more allergies. Even people who have mild forms of…
Sep 10, 2022
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What is an Allergy?
An allergy is an abnormal response that the body has to something foreign that it comes in contact with. While the substance may not cause harm to the body, it affectís the immune system and causes a reaction. This reaction can…
Aug 27, 2022
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"Catnip" is the common name for a perennial herb of the mint family. Catnip is native to Europe and is imported into the United States. In North America it is a common widespread weed. Catnip is most popular with cats and the reaction that it causes…
Aug 20, 2022
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How to Find a Well Trained Acupuncture Doctor in Your Area
Even though acupuncture is rapidly becoming an acceptable type of alternative medicine, it may still be difficult to find a highly trained acupuncture doctor in your neighborhood -…
Jul 30, 2022
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Burdock is a plant that is related to the daisy family. It is also closely related to Echinacea, Dandelion, and Feverfew. Burdock is an herb but it is one that has been much neglected when it comes to getting attention. Back in ancient times the…
Jul 16, 2022
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Learn How to Make Beer at Home for Real Enjoyment
Learning how to make beer at home is pretty simple. The process is not complicated and there are a multitude of kits available to assist even the greenest beginner!
In a nutshell, the basic…
Jul 2, 2022