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Writer of cyberpunk, dystopian fiction, and nonfiction. Plus whatever drives me at the time. 

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If I say the god I believe in doesn’t carry a brief case

And the devil is in need of a shave

If I dare to ask the question

Will you stop me and tell me to behave

If I question every answer

If I fold beneath the sheets


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I am so f#€£ed up

33 years of programming is hard to remove

And it’s a useful excuse


I am full of them


33 years of practice

Hard to establish new ways of being

Hidden from the world

And Armageddon is coming

I don’t believe


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12388828300?profile=RESIZE_710x12388828668?profile=RESIZE_710xPearls before pigs’ man, like I know, fishing deep in the offal for offering.
diving isn’t deep anymore.
And neither are the divers.
There’s nothing worth seeing down there.
Get your finger out of our arseholes.
And we’ll get ours out of yours.
It’s our fa

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Do we have pearls to spare?

I doubt it round here.

There is no wisdom either.

Not enough imagination.

To realise they are stuck.

Or too pacified.


Of where the next meal is coming from.

I am lucky.

Many are not.

I should do more.

We all sho

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I haven’t really produced much in the way of art, writing, for some time. I would say I have been otherwise engaged, but that would make it sound like I had something better, or more important to do. And maybe I did.

My mental health has been at its

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in the shadows, we lurk

dismissed from the table

no banquet to speak of

the misguided become misinformed

and the cracks start to show

the chambers once echoed

voices rising up in unison

now they sit empty


they take up arms

we take up words


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Ok I am gonna say it, I have been quiet.

Lost for words.

And to a degree I still am.

I mean…….

Is it in our generations, in our lifetimes that this is going to happen?

Whatever this is………. it isn’t good.

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in the violence of words.


peace reframed, brings the hate out to enlighten us.

in streets, fighting for what is not attacked, from those calling out what is,

hiding truth in lies. bullets in babies. for the greater good. reframe, make palatable.


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you never see it coming, but you expect it none the same.

it comes in slowly, to its own fame.

& yet we never mention it by name.  

it rips your heart out, up through your soul, as you choke trying to pull it out of your throat.

and you expect it aga

Strolling thru some mediocre, twenty-four-thousand words some good, some bad, just so I can get to the point that I can write what I am meaning to say. And so often their slipping, but there is something in the scrolling that is strangely poetic and

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These worlds I create. Interrelate in their irrelevance to anyone but me. They circumnavigate the truth. as we all do. but these somehow more so. It is how it is meant to be. There is solace in their shelter. In their shade I roam. Out of view. far f

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don’t hide from it, it lurks there for a reason. You can find meaning in it. if you dare. It won’t be pretty, and you’ll hate yourself for it, at least to begin with, I hope. If you stare hard enough, you just might see it for what it is. Or maybe yo

explain the question.

It keeps ticking, this time bomb. And we make sure we’re standing real close. Most people disagree with me, that we are, if not already living in one, sleepwalking our way into dystopia. They ignore what is in front of them for

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