Musing of a Cyberpunk

Prose and musing by  Sam I am.

Writer of cyberpunk, dystopian fiction, and nonfiction. Plus whatever drives me at the time. 

It lurks there for a reason

It lurks there for a reason

don’t hide from it, it lurks there for a reason. You can find meaning in it. if you dare. It won’t be pretty, and you’ll hate yourself for it, at least to begin with, I hope. If you stare hard enough, you just might see it for what it is. Or maybe you won’t, maybe it is better to look the other way, bury it deep, far away from camp. Out of sight but functional.


I can recline with ease. until it turns up. Lurking in corners. It’s very presence removes the air. you feel it first, the hair stands on the back of your neck, and you know that ease is over. You must live with it. there is no way out. And you know no matter what you’ll have to leave the dishes and face it for yourself.


It’s not always the safe one every time. There are others. often those ones will appear when you least expect. They’ll ruin a good time. They always do, even when they do nothing at all their very presence makes you feel unease. And so, you leave, but they go with you. They lurk there for a reason they say, and you’ll have to face them one day. But not today


not today.




words written by me

artwork created by and directed by me. 

by Sam I Am

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