Indigenous People and Tribes being killed by logging mafias in the Amazon

The biggest myth ever sold to us is that we cannot make a difference. Because of this, so many people don’t do anything, they sit and vegetate frustrated at their lack of power to change the injustices they see in the world.

The secret for big business and politicians is that all they need to do is make get enough people to believe they have no power to influence change to ensure that they get away with their own agenda.

The thing is if you turn this on its head and say to yourself “I can make a difference” and every 100th person does the same, suddenly a difference is made, just by believing in our ability to do so.

This is partly the reason below for this social media publication, community,  and forum. To teach people how they can make a difference using the tools of digital, direct and behavioural marketing and communications.

There are two new areas to the site that I am currently developing together within the future opening it up to other contributors, community and forum members, these are a News section and a Section (this section) called Advocates for Change.

In the Advocates for Change section, we will take causes or issues in the news, being promoted on sites like or charities we believe in an promote them via this section. Our aim will be to distil down to the issue at hand, the cause and how you can become an Advocate for Change by promoting and supporting in any way you feel you can.

To start this off I would like to highlight the below story and organisation. This organisation is new to me but has been around since the 60’s. The issue is not so much news to me but has been one of those issues that I have felt somewhat powerless to address as it is so remote to me, this, of course, is the lie that I have told myself which has been programmed into me via the media.

Indigenous People and Tribes together with Environmental Defenders are being killed by logging mafias in the Amazon

This came to my attention via a social media post on Facebook that has gone viral (yet again proof that one person can make a difference and make a point that can get noticed).

The post to the right prompted me to look into the issue, repost in on my social network pages, donate to the cause and promote it here.

This is a disgusting human right and environmental abuse. We have known this has been going on for years, now at least we have social media and the internet to promote this issues and get them noticed.

Please visit one of the news articles here and the main site here please lend your support either financially and/or by reposting and sharing the content in order to get the message out and spread the word. Together we can make a difference just like Survival International and the Guardians of the Amazon.

If every single ONE of us supports their efforts we can help make a change for the better.



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