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The State of UK Politics Today - by SudoWrite

The State of UK Politics Today - by SudoWrite

I asked two Ai writing tool aids to write articles based on the State of UK Politics Today, in a dystopian cyberpunk style. this is from SudoWrite, which is a creative writing tool, for works of fiction, nonfiction, and more. 

The previous Article by ChatGPT is here The State of UK Politics Today - by ChatGPT

This is more of a fictional story, and for that more entertaining. 


The State of UK Politics Today - by SudoWrite

It had tea cosies that he built and prime ministers that he ignored.
Coaches trundled down from the geodesic turrets of Berwick-upon-Tweed and tackled the entrenched landowners of Morecambe.
The taste of hope is bitter. People wonder what they could have done. What they should have done. If they would have done anything differently.
Politicians never listen, they make grand statements but when called on them they look at their shoes and mumble something about the first responders or about their secretaries of state.
There are shouts and whispers. There are people screaming and crying. The hope for their children and for the future. The anger at the politicians for their broken promises. The cracks of their crumbling lives.
It's not exactly smoke, but the smell of a fire. It's not wood smoke, but someone burning facts. There's no fire and there's no heat, but as you get closer, it's as if you're standing by a bonfire.
Politicians’ breath reeks of sickly sweet fear and massive orgies, their bodies are covered in blood, sweat and semen.
The scent of hope barely smells like hope anymore. The country is in mourning and half of its population is unemployed, but something smells sweet as well.
Something's moving in the shadows. It's an old man, he doesn't look good. You can tell he's been doing this for a long time. His eyes are red and his skin is gaunt.
David Cameron and Theresa May wear the same facial expression while they read the news. Their eyes widen, the corners of their mouths go down, they’re faces turn red and they look at their shoes before they stand up and say they’re going to make it better.
Despair and worry overwhelm the country. The pound is plummeting and people are jumping into the River Thames. Scotland voted to leave the UK by a majority, and Ireland is threatening to block Brexit completely.
The Sun has a cough and Cameron's eyes are like piss holes in the snow, but he hopes to pull through.
His hopes were dashed and his dreams were crushed, but now he's going to turn things around.
But the pair of them are dicing with death.
Veteran gravedigger Boris Johnson says that he is going to run for the leadership and he is confident about the outcome.
He's hopeful that he will soon be prime minister and that the two corpses that are currently leading the country are not going to be a problem.
Buckingham Palace is humming with gossip and the streets are humming too. Rupert Murdoch's former PR got into a car crash. It's in the papers, but it's not a long article and it doesn't seem important.
If you looked at it closely, it might be embedded with code.
Smiths, they've got something in common.
He's been waiting for this day for a long time.
Wearing a black suit and no tie.
He's carrying a big fucking axe.
Directed by me, written by SudoWrite, artwork by WonderAi


by Sam I Am

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