Beer bottle cooler

All Can Enjoy Cold Beer Thanks to the Beer Bottle Cooler

Those new to the bar business may be surprised to hear the term beer bottle cooler. To the unaware, a picture comes to mind of a miniature contraption designed to chill a bottle of beer, much like those nifty gadgets that chill wine bottles. However, such a cooler has nothing to do with a single bottle of beer but instead serves cases upon cases of beer bottles. You see, a bottle cooler is actually one of those counters behind a bar with refrigerated space below to hold beer bottles. There is a huge market for these coolers and they generally are priced to start at about $1000 and go up from there. As one would expect prices are dependent upon on the capacity and features of the cooler.

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Sometimes referred to as back bar coolers, bottle coolers come in various sizes to hold varying numbers of beer bottles. Cooling temperature is of course the most important aspect and these coolers typically keep beer at a cold degree range between the low to mid thirty's Fahrenheit. Most American beer drinkers would agree that colder is better. A common trait to look for in these coolers is something called environmentally friendly forced air refrigeration. This is important because it keeps the beer at that wonderfully cold level most of us prefer. Many models come with an attached bottle opener and cap catcher for serving efficiency.

Start your search for an appropriate cooler by visiting bar supply shops both locally and on the internet. You will find more selections than you thought possible. It is also wise to speak with other bar owners to find out what they like or donít like about their own coolers. Most will be more than happy to share information with their friendly competitors. If this is not the case in your city, seek out the advice of bar owners in other cities or states. Ask cooler vendors for references and give those folks a call. With a bit of patience and homework you'll be able to find the perfect beer bottle cooler to suit your needs.



Photo by Miro Martinez from Pexels

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