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Aug 14, 2021
Thought of the day: is it just me but is the saturation of debate to make sense of the world becoming tiring: clearly the echo chambers of social media have been utilised by the elites to ensure that people feel the need to firmly weigh down on one side or the other in debates, usually, in hostile ways, they will project that you have to be either of the "left" of an argument or on the "right." Even though most topics of debate are more nuanced than that
Mainstream media doesn't cover stories or narratives from dissenting voices that the underground or alternative media does. But the gatekeepers of the alternative media, which unfortunately are the social media companies that we all rely on to get our message out and their censorship algorithms are censoring debate based on trigger words or keywords that it flags up, stifling real conversation and sense-making from some of the worlds top experts in these areas. Especially if it differentiates from the government narrative. All the time doing so without logical arguments or rationale behind that censorship other than it doesn't assert the geopolitical globalised narrative.
This then means that we need to waste precious time debating the censorship of arguments whilst the subject matter of those arguments gets lost and muted to the background.
Even writing this I could be spending my time writing something more important; i could be tackling online harms and manipulation, climate change, race, gender, and LGBTQ+ inequality, or a range of other more important issues. But instead, I am talking about censorship and the wasted time of great minds, not mine, that are having to unpick arguments that are either censored or sensationalised to fall down on either side of the fence. Making you feel like you have to pick aside. How about we remove the fence and the gatekeepers? How about we break down the barriers that the elites, the 1%'s, and political leaders want to erect in our way? How about we start having real conversations, without judgment, without prejudice where every voice has a say?

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