Musing of a Cyberpunk

Prose and musing by  Sam I am.

Writer of cyberpunk, dystopian fiction, and nonfiction. Plus whatever drives me at the time. 

my noise box won’t listen. so, neither will i.

my noise box won’t listen. so, neither will i.

Noise box won’t listen. So, then neither will I. two can play that game. Why be designed to tare itself down? And if not designed, then programmed? If so by who? What? How? Distraction? From what? By whom? Why? Money obviously, is the easy one. But no doubt it is more sinister than that. And maybe not quite so boring. 

But it doesn’t stop it gnawing away.

It doesn’t stop the incessant stripping down.

Knowledge of who and why will not save you from how. That is the bigger more pressing question. The rest will wait. It will come out in time. Or it never will. Either way that doesn’t answer the how that is messing with the you, and me, right now.

And we are left to clear up this mess, no matter which side of the well this falls down on.

And when we do, we are weaker and stronger for it, but not in some bullshit way, we just are.

It is almost as if it is only through our tragedies we are honed in some way that defines our deeper meaning, but some are too lost in despair to notice it and so miss the boat. Lost inside their own minds for an eternity of doubt.

And my noise box still won’t listen.

So, neither will i.



Artwork; directed by me, created by Wonder Ai



by Sam I Am

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