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Argument for its own sake

Argument for its own sake

You might not know what to say. Or what the right words and labels are. But that doesn’t mean you don’t understand the situation on a deeper level. That’s how you move it forward. You take what’s on offer and adapt to your outcome. It comes from the years of holistic practice of being you. Well done.

Positive affirmations work. Depressingly well when you have trouble believing in them. But do it anyway. What have you got to lose? That sounds like a sales pitch. It’s not. Do what the fuck you want. It’s your life, your spirituality don’t let some guru, online cult or absolutist take the joy of your way being yours from you.

We all get it fucking wrong. That is part of the point. The guy pointing out your mistakes is the one who is furthest from the truth my friend. So, believe in what you know to be true. If only you listen. I am not indulging fantasies or giving carte blanche for unwelcome behaviour, but it is your one life. Live it. That’s what they say.

Controversialist. A title that people give themselves to make themselves seem interesting without any sign of irony at the same time that they are signaling that they are not by their very choice of label only signals what they are really like and what’s important to them.

Argument for argument's sake is pointless. Again, that is just something they say which is bullshit. It helps you hone your argument, even your thinking, but if you’re really engaged it will help you to negotiate any situation. Your mind does need this training, that’s without doubt but not with all of the excessive baggage



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Written by Sam

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