Life becomes pitiless in the face of adversity

Riots don’t even breakthrough

No tear gas spent in here

Take note my friend this will be only the beginning. And they ask. But I do not tell.

We ask ourselves day in day out, what is this sliver of a rock they left our embryo on?

What is it these people do?

Letches. Parasites feasting on their mother.

And eyelids are battered.

As sirens sounded in the distortions of my mind.

Not this again.

I wasn’t sure I was ready. I didn’t know if I could take it.

I still don’t.

But this isn’t happening to me. None of it ever was.

But still, I live in fear. And they keep digging. They always do.

They tear it apart from the inside. These parasites. They almost enjoy it.  

I pointed out the futility of it. But they bought it anyway.

And they keep digging deeper with every bite.

They will never get their fill. Until it's all gone. We should know that by now surely.

But we buy into their bullshit anyway.

I didn’t think of it like that. I didn’t think about it at all.

But then they made me. And now it’s all I think about.

And I want out. So, I escaped into the far regions of my mind where they can’t get me.

Or maybe they can, and they do, far too often.

But it’s not happening to me. Pestilence found no home here.

And your credit card has expired here my friend. Keep walking.

Your name means nothing to me.

Not over this line.

You wait there we will have to see.

But they never do. And we keep asking why when deep down we really know the answer.

It’s not what they told us it was.

It never was. And they knew it and we knew it too.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but we don’t have time to rely on it now.

Sit up my friend and goddamn pay attention.

We can’t fuck this up. Not this. Not now.

Not because we were distracted.

Now’s the time for action.

Written by Sam

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