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Prose and musing by  Sam I am.

Writer of cyberpunk, dystopian fiction, and nonfiction. Plus whatever drives me at the time. 



It has not been great, has it? Does that about sum up the energy I have for this right now? It is worth writing about, it honestly is, but it just feels too much. It does to me, does it not to you? I mean, why make something worse by labeling it? But then to not to is, well, distavorous for our souls. We know that, but do we need them to label our misery for us? Is that not our own right? And yet their right, of course, that is what really gets the goat. Well, it would if you could afford it. We are different now, that is for sure, and I think we all feel it in some way that we find hard to label, but know full well is there. Oh well, keep going, or so the self-improvement movement will say, but fuck them. It is hard to find it funny when life is so bad for so many fucking people, and you find it hard to know what it is you can do about it. Despite the hypnotising you into thinking the problem is you. The system is designed to fuck you. So, fuck the system. It clearly isn’t working. In fact, it is going in reverse all over the town, and no one seems to be connecting the threads, at least not in my circles, that’s because I don’t have any. But I kept going in them anyway. So, for whatever they say about it, whatever title they give it, we all lived it. Can we live in the hope that things can only get better, when we know there is, without doubt, a high chance that they will only get worse, and so make it a headline about how bad it has been, and yet forget that without a doubt there is worse to come. But what else can you do when the mighty crowd won’t listen, and your will is almost done? Do you go on to write fairy tales that one day might just come true? Or do you do something else just because it’s easier? Do you check out your own existence because nothing else will do? And so, it just keeps coming and we pray for all hallows eve.







Image designed and created by me using the Wonder ai ap and the phrase "permacrisis 2022, on All Hallows’ eve UK"

by Sam I Am

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