We are. For what they do. For what they do in our name. We do not recognise ourselves in their frame, but then it’s obscured. And yet, we let them in the door again and again. Because secretly we like them. We like what they say. It tickles our ears, and we get over-excited defending our view. In no way manipulated or used so we vote against our own interests.

They take us for morons, and we let you. But we used to be ashamed of ourselves, as you taught us. But now we are just ashamed of them. Oh, how we’ve grown. But not enough to do the right thing. Let’s not get over-excited. We are all implicated. It is the way we made it.

So, we must face what we have done and try to undo it. Or at least make it work. Is there any other solution? If there is, I don’t hear it. So, we need to act. We need to not keep making the same mistake. Not keep letting them get their foot in the door. They may never leave, and we will be left wanting. Once they are inside it’s too late. Once we hear their whispers, they worm their way inside and we fall for it every time. I wish we didn’t. but we do.

And now they have shamed us. Once again.

They have left a stain on the rug that might never come out. And we let them through the door.

When will we learn?  



photography by Hannah Boardman:

Written by Sam

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