Story Art Project

And the devil died screaming: Season One in the Ultra-High Series

This a live writing, story art project.

I am writing/creating a Cyberpunk dystopian fantasy, graphic novel, and live writing experiment between writer/story artist Sam I Am and AI / Artificial Intelligence.

With the aim of making a more digitally immersive experience, and interactivity,

Art by Wonder Ai directed by Sam I Am. Mentalist writer. Noise Maker. Digital Campaigner.  

This is a work in progress, live writing experiment and will be continuously edited over time.

Episode Three - and the devil died screaming

Episode Three - and the devil died screaming

As I drove up the driveway, I noticed the smoke billowing from my chimney. I hadn't lit any fires since the smoke ban, so this made leaving my shotgun in the house seem ill-advised. I got out of the car and grabbed the crowbar from the back seat. That day was no exception—after a day of bland corporate life, I was in search of a bit of trouble. Tom Waits was howling from the Bose and my mouth watered as the smell of great food tickled my nostrils. I stopped in my tracks and put down the crowbar against the door frame, as a smile tugged at the corner of my lips. The delicious smell filled me with anticipation and my belly rumbled hungrily. I walked in with a smile on my lips and the scent of cooking wafting around me, making my stomach rumble yet again.



The warmth of the room washed over me, briefly clashing with the chill that still clung to my bones. I waited until I felt comfortable, and the cold had faded, then walked further in. I heard cheerful whistling coming from the kitchen that grated on my nerves, but Tom growling about being the same kind as bad as me had distracted me from the off-key melody. As I stepped inside, the door shut behind me with a thud.





I did my best not to show any interest in the dining room table as I passed it and made my way to the kitchen. Then, I saw them. Standing with their back to me and washing dishes in the sink, the physical embodiment of an enemy I once despised: The Beast. Despite the excitement swirling around in my mind, I tried my hardest to ignore it, and they pretended not to be aware of my presence. I let myself enjoy the feeling of being invisible.


The sweet smell of food cooking led me to open the cabinet that I had been standing next to. I took a glass, then reached into my shopping bag for a bottle of wine. Thankfully, the twist cap removed any need for me to go into the kitchen. I felt a combination of annoyance and nervousness as I poured myself some Malbec. At the dining room table, I rolled myself a smoke with something special inside it.10969769685?profile=RESIZE_400x

I lit up a cigarette and used Tom's bowler hat for an ashtray as he wailed and shuffled a chair across the room. I thought about how nice it would be if my lover had been there instead, even if they were only a bit in Ultra-High - as a way to escape from another mundane day of corporate servitude. But here I was, instead with the devil themself, who I had once tortured and killed in a truly horrific manner and was now preparing to cook me dinner. It was an enigma that would remain unsolved.


I smoked, drank, and listened to Tom until the devil eventually turned around to acknowledge my presence. It seemed as if they had purposely put off greeting me until I was several glasses in.





Music used in this episode 

This is a live book series writing/story art graphic novel cyberpunk, dystopian fantasy project. Written by Sam I Am Artwork by Wonder Ai directed by Sam I Am. Copyright is protected. It is a first rough draft work in progress so will change over time. This project is part of the writing projects.

Image directed by me and created using Wonder Ai

by Sam I Am

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