it’s difficult, to live this life, the best one we can under any circumstances. It isn’t easy, and even if it appears as though it is for some, we know it so isn’t. we know the reality of the situation because we are living it too. I am not talking about someone’s wealth and security. Those things have an impact for sure. And one that cannot be ignored. But we are all apes experiencing thought for the first time. And we’re expanding in it all the time, whether as a species or an individual. We are blessed that the universe chose us to be the vessel that it used, partially at least, to observe itself. To ask itself philosophical questions about its existence. We should think that when it gets too hard. Not just how lucky we are, but how important our existence is to the universe experiencing itself as a self-aware being, possible of spiritual and creative growth. What joy it has, for having us here.  Our family existence brings joy to the universe. But that is hard to remember when it kicks us in the stomach.

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