a season to reflect

a season to reflect

the season of goodwill is upon us and the goose is getting fat. for that reason, I am taking a break from any serious article writing from now until the new year. I will take the opportunity
to reflect and rethink the strategy and turn this site from a hobby to a voice of reason in the storm that is our current social, political and digital lives. ..connect the dots

for me the connection between our digital and real lives has become blurred and merged into one so we can rarely talk about the one free from the other. and this seeps into our political systems and mass media. the major issue i have with this is that the technocrats are running our lives and if not running then monitoring, analysing and seeing how they can take advantage of all of us, especially the more vulnerable and easily swayed. 

the entire narrative of the digital ecosphere needs to be monitored and questioned. the drive for AI and vast need for data scientists to analyse and predict our every movement should worry us. 

the connections between what we think and feel, our emotions that drive the neurobiological reactions that get us addicted to a system driven on fear, panic and the need for more are being manipulated on mass and we need to challenge this. We need to open up discussions on how we can get back to an internet that was an open space for connected information and communication and not what it has become 

i will probably still posted videos and the odd comment on here and no doubt on our new facebook page and across the various twitter streams when i see something worth sharing 


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