Brexit Deal or No Deal; let the people of the UK have the Final Say

The People of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland have a right to decide on the final Brexit deal.

Whatever side of the debate you sit on, Leave or Remain, surely all would agree that the public has a right to vote on the final deal. We are more informed now than we were during the original vote and again whether we were for or against Brexit it was a democratic process.

I am not suggesting that we have a second referendum although I see the argument for that. But I do think we need a final say on how we exit the EU.

Will it be complicated? Yes. Will the general public understand all of the nuances of what they are voting for? Probably not. But it is up to the present government and their Behavioural Insights Team to design the choice architecture in such as way that it can be digested and understood by the masses.

Will they get it 100% right? Probably not. But that is where the opposition parties, academics, lawyers, communications and pollical analysts can add their analysis of the proposals.

The one thing that is clearly apparent is that the Brexit vote divided the country. It caused friction in communities and families and has even contributed to the normalisation of hate crimes and for racism to have a voice. As we see similarly happening around Europe and further across the pond in the US. And whilst we can look into how the segmentation of people in the digital world is leading to the segregation of peoples views and identity politics in the real world it doesn’t mean that we as people or our political leaders should play along with it.

One thing Thersa May and the conservatives can do to unite the country again, and set an example for the rest of the world is to say enough is enough, these are the proposals we have on the table and we want the people of the United Kingdom to be part of the final decision-making process.

As someone who spends a big part of their working life as a negotiator, I can understand their nervousness of putting all their cards on the table. Especially in such a high level and complex negotiation. But sometimes that can give you more power and more influence in the negotiation process. Sometimes the most power negotiations are those open and honest and from there everyone can move forward.

If Theresa May could stand firm with Brussels and say “this is the peoples choice” and “this is our negotiating position”, then that gives her and her team a solid grounding from which to work from.

So why have I written this blog today?

Simply because I read a piece in the Independent that had a link to an article and a video to their “Final Say” campaign; link here

The people of the United Kingdom should have a vote on the final deal that the Tories are putting in place. Whilst a second Brexit vote looks like an impossibility, people on either side of the debate should all be able to agree, now that the public is somewhat better informed than it was in 2016, that a vote on the type of deal we leave the EU with should surely be put to the people and not just left up to a government that does not represent the full spectrum of views of the people of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

If you are a citizen of the UK and you feel like you want to have a Final Say then please follow the below links and support in any way you can, either a signature, or join the protest, or contribute to the campaign, or if you can all three.

The below as taken from the Independents website


1) Sign The Independent’s Final Say petition for a referendum on the final Brexit deal at

2) Register for the march in London on 20 October here:

3) The People’s Vote campaign have organised the March For The Future - please help them meet the cost by donating here:


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