In this book / blog site

In this book / blog site

The hopeful result from this blogging site/social community is a book. A digital and printed book that can sit on my virtual or real shelf with pride. The issue I have always had with writing a book about digital marketing (and that is not all this is but it is the underlying theme) is that by the time you finish the third or fourth chapter your content can be out of date.  

So as experiment I decided to take the 50,000 plus words, I have written on this subject to date and put them in digital form and by way of what makes it live to the site what doesn’t is a process of elimination. 

Obviously some content is better digitally and some is better in print. I always feel though that books should be in print, hopefully from recycled paper.  

The objective, reason and rationale behind writing this book/blog is to deliver content from industry that can be used and useful to those looking to make real changes in the world.  

That is to say I am hoping to part with some of my knowledge, whatever that is worth, from my 16+ (at the time of writing Dec 2018) years if digital, direct and data-driven behavioural marketing and communications to people who are looking to make a real change in the world.  

The aim, eventually, is for the site to have tool kits, videos, podcasts and more that can be used by charities, not for profits, activists and beyond in the pursuit of making the maximum impact for thier message in the world.  

I am starting small and my own marketing strategy is somewhat lacking because, again at time of writing, I am busy in the doing, the writing, and as of yet have not spent enough time in the strategic thinking space.  

The aim with this book is to provide you with the strategic insights you need to plan and get results. So, it will be a mix of strategy with generic evergreen copy around the doing.  

This means for me that the next steps are: 

  1. Define the business model and vision; even if it ends up aiming to be a not for profit or social enterprise (probably the latter) then this still needs to be done 
  2. Define the operational and marketing strategy as well as the core audience
  3. Set out a plan with some milestones throughout the next 12 months to five years to make sure I stick to the plan to deliver the vision  
  4. Enlist the support and help of those around me with the knowledge and skill set to get it done 
  5. Get busy creating and enjoying the process of doing so 

Christmas time is looming and whilst the goose, I won’t be eating, is getting fat I will have some time away from the day job to strategise and plan.



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