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We keep stepping forward, each breath through time,

Each step moving closer to death and rebirth,

In a continual continuum of space,

Stepping in beat,

Moving forward,

Falling off one’s own feet,

Tumbling from this event, that thing and when,

Not real

A world stuck in its own shadow not growing

Not moving the way, we were told it would

Was it a lie?

A mass conspiracy

A social hoax, on us all

An experiment gone wrong

They promise so much and yet deliver so little

False prophets peddling fear and li

Step inside yourself, they say

Set aside your outer senses

Step inside and see

Your inner workings

Step inside and see

What is hidden

What awaits you there

Fear not

Although the path may be weary for your soul

It is worth doing

Knowing your inner wor

How better to be?

In times of sorrow and despair

Where the weak are belittled instead of held up and honoured

What do we look for in our leaders, these men, and women whose sacred power is to protect

Where do we turn when they fail us

Why do we liste

What if it was your fault?

I mean really. What if?

You try to pretend you are above it all.

That it was all "them".

But what if you drove them to it?

What if their madness is your sanity? Or something like that.

You look back over a year of ‘what the

The world is spiralling out of control. We are entering into corporate colonialism with big tech running the show. With every man, woman, child and others on the planet is the very product sold on the open market. With every keystroke, every like and

The cult of conspiracy ravages within the echo chambers of social media. Painting the wall monochrome with the blood of the naysayer. Leaving the stale scent of resentment for all that do not believe. A warning sign for all that should doubt, with th

This is a repost of an article written by me in 2016/17 from a site I have now closed down. 

The last three major elections/votes in the US and UK have been filled with shock. First came Brexit, then came Trump and now we have a hung parliament in the UK.

How does this happen? How do the pundits get it so wrong? How does this big data not make forecasts more predictable?

There are many theories as to why these votes turned out the way they did. But one underlying issue…

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The term social marketing often gets confused with social media marketing. To make matters worse social marketing quite often uses social media in its marketing toolkit. But social marketing is actually a discipline in and of itself. It is used to influence positive behavioural changes in society, communities and organisations.  

Social marketers have to have a keen understanding of not just marketing and communications…

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We are all different and because of that, we all see the world in our own unique way as we delete, distort and generalise what we take in based on our cognitive biases. Yet in many ways we are predictable and because of this we can break down people and groups of people into types. This can be very useful when we are looking to market or communicate an idea or we are looking to bring about change.

There are many psychometric, biopsychosocial,…

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A useful toolbox for consumer profiling, behavioural marketing and communications analysis, strategic SEO and digital marketing planning but also a great set of tools, techniques and technologies for combating online threats, fraud and bullying.

Forensic Behavioural Linguistics in Digital Marketing

At iLife, we conduct forensic behavioural linguistics and psychometric profiling to gain insight into customers personas, their online behaviour, their likes and…

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We spend our days being bombarded by words. From the first thoughts that jump into our heads as we wake up to the very last thoughts that fill our minds as we try to fall asleep.  

Some of these we notice, some we do not.  

We have words thrown at us from every direction. Infiltrating our very thoughts.  

Whether we throw on the TV, switch on the radio or just look at our smartphones first thing we start our days with the words of others entering into our reality. If we…

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Our words matter.

In fact, they are paramount.

The words we choose to speak, listen to and tell ourselves shape the narratives of our lives and the lives around us. Words and the narratives they form shape society and indeed the world.

Through your words, I have a window into your world and far too often your words betray your inner secrets.

I can use your words to market to you. To sell you an idea and to get inside your mind.

Words and cutlery separate us…

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Have you ever noticed how everybody in a conversation seems to be poised to talk and say their piece and no one ever seems to be really listening. This is something I have found fascinating since a small child. I was very shy as a child and often in a room full of adults talking about something that I was either too young to understand or was not really meant…

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Lesson 10: Pull the buying trance trigger

By this point you have read 9 powerful sales and communications lessons that all on their own can get you to this point. All, have their own powers on a conscious and subconscious level but when they are all combined, subtly, or a mix of them are brought together they become some of the most powerful persuasion techniques in the world to influence the thinking and the mind of…

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