Groups pitching to perceived desire for alternative output as trust in BBC falls Oh great and now this: one thing I have always been proud of in the UK is that our TV news media has always been more nuanced about its bias and political leanings. Where is the fun in picking apart their stories if we end up turning our news channels into a US style platform where the bias and political leanings are blatant. The battleground will then become one of shouting at each other (we are already about there on social media) and platforms of political propaganda. I for one like to take in a broad spectrum of news media that is both left and right leaning. On global issues and news I try to look at western, eastern and Asian news sites to try and getting a more rounded view and clearer picture, whilst always taking into consideration both the author and the media’s agenda around a particular framing of the story. And maybe this is something I should do more of and more explicitly at; break up a story into multiple opposing views, expose the perceived framing and what that tells us about the agenda and try to make sense of what is really going on. Maybe this armchair activist needs to get more “active!” I might need more coffee though on these sunny Sunday mornings.
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