Two years ago, complaints against real time bidding (RTB) were lodged by Jim Killock of Open Rights Group, Michael Veale of UCL, and Johnny Ryan. “WHAT’S THE ISSUE WITH RTB? Every time you visit a website, hundreds if not thousands of hidden trackers are taking note of what we do, read and watch. Your browising history and profile data is then shared all across the globe, and sold in auctions where countless advertisers and middlemen can access our data and bid for their adverts to be shown in the websites we visit. It is worth noticing that this information is collected and traded away without any security in place. Dodgy intermediaries could participate to an auction with no intention to bid or to show you adverts, but only to grab your data and use it for any reason they like — such as to manipulate your political views, check your compliance with coronavirus restrictions, or track protesters of the Black Lives Matter movement. It is little surprising then that RTB must rely on coercion (cookie walls) and deception (dark patterns) to gain your consent. Who would ever say yes to advertising under these terms?”
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