***UPDATE*** A number of our readers have pointed out that Wetherspoons staff are asking people NOT to boycott the chain as they feel that such a stance would only hurt the workers and not Tim Martin himself. We understand where these comments come from and have posted a link to an article on this viewpoint so you may make your own minds up on the situation. Our admins and editors have collectively decided that we won’t be spending another pound in Wetherspoons and would much rather we spent our money in a different pub where the staff are treated with respect and common decency, rather than perpetuate that man’s business. https://thetab.com/uk/2020/06/24/boycotting-spoons-is-actually-the-opposite-of-helpful-sincerely-spoons-staff-162959 It’s worth remembering how certain businesses behaved during this crisis. I didn’t know that Whetherspoons did this, sacked all their staff at the start of the pandemic and told them to get jobs elsewhere, it’s disgusting and I for one will be boycotting! https://www.facebook.com/103626624451616/posts/178699283611016/
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