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Until now I have not really touched on the specific subject of data in any great detail. Partly because there is simply so much of it, detail and data I mean. The fact is that this is an entire book and website in its own right and it breaks down into so many different areas; big data, actionable data, data insight, data analytics, data science, data protection, AI and machine learning to name just a few. 

There is so much data and so much talk about data-driven marketing that you could be forgiven for going data blind. So I thought the best thing to do was to give you one more poke in the eyes and write more about it here, thereby creating even more data in the global webosphere..  

To start to breakdown and understand this subject we have to look at the drivers behind data acquision. What we as marketers can and might do with it. What data scientists can and might do with it, and most worrying of all what big business, politicians and rogue agents might do with it. We also have to understand how often and how much data we give off and give away to big business and other agencies every single minute of the day. 

To this end this series of articles on all things data will begin in anger for 2019. It’s a big and widely debated subject that I think is worth understanding on both a personal note and that of a marketer as well as a campaigner for social and behavioural change through better communication.  

In the next few weeks I will also be starting my Postgrad in Data-Driven Marketing at the IDM which will run throughout this year so I am excited about that. This will no doubt add to the thoughts and discussions I have on this topic here and elsewhere in the digital and real world.    



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