Fear and loathing in your living room

So why is fear so addictive and used by social media, tech, government, and big business to refocus your attention?

First, let’s look at something called the Reticular Activating System. I was looking for a way to describe this and came across this Medium article by  Tobias van Schneider titled “If you want it, you might get it. The Reticular Activating System explained” which is well worth a read and explains it as follows:

“The …

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The seeds of fear and doubt are addictive and contagious:

I recently posted the below on Facebook.

Thought of the day on the Chaos Architectures of Manipulation and Control

“Deflective marketing and reflexive control are mechanisms of shaping the narrative in a framing whereby the information architecture, from within which the argument draws its knowledge, is designed by the instigator for their desired outcome.

When chaos is added into these architectures of…

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I had to take a break from this for a couple of weeks as the obsession with this subject was getting too intense and not good for me mentally. However, now I can continue.

In this post, we will look at the aims and objectives of the information war conducted by Russia. To understand these is to understand the subtly of how they work at times.

We will also look at the information operations they conduct on their own people, in our next article, to control the narrative and…

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To start off this second post in the “The Russian Information War” series and continue our focus on “Concepts and Terminology” let's first start of by restating that Russian Information Warfare is carried out, in part, during peacetime as well as wartime. Of course, the fact that this is stepped up during times of war is the very reason we are looking at this subject now and diverting from our normal content.

To be more specific The Handbook of Information Warfare that I have been…

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What can we do to help the people of Ukraine?
Lots of people ask themselves what can they do to help the people of Ukraine and stand up to Russia.
Well one thing you can do, aside from donating and going to places to help organise and distribute needed supplies, is cause digital disruption.
What do I mean by that? Become a hacker? Not necessarily, but if you have those skills it would be a great way to help, but you can cause digital disruption to Information Warfare. There are many skills that can be applied whether you have technical experience or not.
As with my Facebook page, my Twitter, and my website I talk a lot about digital influence, manipulation, PysOps, information operations, social media engineering, and how these are used by governments, big businesses and so on to sway votes, control narratives, and so forth.
It would be amiss of me now not to turn my attention to this conflict.
I am hoping I’m coming days and weeks to find time to lay out some ideas, strategies, and so forth. To give some thoughts on how we can protect ourselves from their Information Wars that we know they have used to cause descent, influence elections, and cause general confusion to grow around the world. So much so that it could be argued that events in recent years from Brexit and Trump and so on were partly influenced by Russian cyber warfare, although that is indeed only one of the contributing factors.
For now I will leave you with these two resources that may be of some use. One is if you Google “Handbook of Russian Information Warfare by Kier Giles of the NATO College of Defense College” this is a freely available document that can be easily downloaded which lays out the Russian techniques, thinking, and approach to what they call “Information Warfare”.
This can help you see how they think, the techniques they use and help protect yourself and others from them.
Another is the link below which may give you some ideas on how you can help with your own skillset. I am not a hacker, I am an ex SEO guy, that now works in data-driven, digital and direct marketing and communications who has specialist knowledge in behavioural communications. These are skills that can be used in my own small way to if not make a difference help educate and encourage others on how we can all contribute and protect ourselves, whilst showing support for the people of Ukraine. In the digital age the people of the world have more power and influence than we often realise. It’s time we started to realise that and use that power for good.
There are tips and skills in growth hacking that can be utilized to cause a digital disruption for good.
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Written by Sam

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