Mind, Body and Kick Ass Psychological Sales Techniques for shaping change Chapter 5 - Using Everyday Trances

Lesson 2: Take advantage of their everyday trances.

This lesson is powerful and I have mentioned it before in my book Influencing Change with Sales Psychology 101 but it is certainly worth mentioning again.


Every day we all have moments when we slip off into a world of our own or we zone out. We can even do this mid conversation or whilst trying to focus on one thing at a time. Learning to recognise when people enter these trances or better still instigating these trances is a powerful tool to being able to talk to their subconscious.

Now I am not talking about hypnotism or any nonsense like that because hypnotism as you see it on a stage is not real. People’s suggestibility however does exist. Confusion and distraction do exist and being able to build bridges during these lapses in attention or these everyday trances is a real possibility.

Chances are that if your partner or anyone else were to talk to you as you read this that they would not get your full attention and that they can say anything to you and you will probably nod and agree. You agree with that point, don’t you?

We have all been there watching the TV and our significant other is blabbering on about something and we just agree to it. My daughter is particularly good at this and telling me five days later that I did agree to her buying a new dress and I can’t honestly say that I didn’t agree to it so I can’t get upset. Not that I would she likes her clothes.

I am not suggesting for a second that we should try and hold people to something they have agreed to whilst they are not paying attention. But rather that we can use these opportunities to use techniques like the ones in lesson 1 to build rapport and trust, to use their name and tease their ego whilst telling them they will be making the right choice if they sign or side with us.

There are a few ways we can initiate these trance like states. We can do it whilst we are giving a sales pitch, talk or argument and we see people glaze over or better still be can divert their attention whilst continuing to talk to them. One of the simplest and easiest ways to do this is probably a way you do it every day and you do not even know you are doing it; hand them the product or contract, the leaflet or thingymebob that backs up your argument.

When you do this their attention is diverted, they are distracted and they are now merely pretending to listen to you. If you told them you loved them at this point, as they read the details, they probably wouldn’t hear you. They think they have the advantage because they are looking for something wrong with the product, contract or leaflet that you have probably hidden from them or missed. But if you know that they are entering this zone out state you can now take advantage of it to plant seeds in their mind by using power words and suggestions that you will refer to later. All the time keeping it conversational so as not to spark any mistrust in them.


You need to learn to recognise when a person goes into one of these trances.

They will probably not be looking at you. They will be looking at the contract or the product, driving the car, watching TV or holding on to the leaflet. They may merely grunt at the things you say. They will not be fully listening so they are saying things like “what” or “yeah”. They will be trying to give the impression of listening so as not to appear rude and their brow may screw up tight as they try and concentrate on the distraction. Eyes may narrow. This is when to strike. When the iron is hot.

Lesson 2: Take advantage of their everyday trances. Distract and suggest in a subtle way. We will come back to this at later stage when we look at buying trances.




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