Digital Forensic Behavioural Linguistics

A useful toolbox for consumer profiling, behavioural marketing and communications analysis, strategic SEO and digital marketing planning but also a great set of tools, techniques and technologies for combating online threats, fraud and bullying.

Forensic Behavioural Linguistics in Digital Marketing

At iLife, we conduct forensic behavioural linguistics and psychometric profiling to gain insight into customers personas, their online behaviour, their likes and dislikes and their feelings around brands, subjects, products or media.

We take this information to make improvements on when and how marketing communications are put across, how the target audience feels about those messages and make improvements. Optimising the customer’s experience with the digital marketing as well as streamline their journey through the client web site effortlessly but also through in the direction we want them to go using behavioural economic insights and nudges.

Through the utilisation of a range of digital marketing analytics, data science techniques and social listening tools we can gain real insight into not only the way the customer engages with our media but also into the way they think, the technologies they use and the way they feel.

We can use this information to improve the effectiveness of marketing and communication in influencing customer behaviour.

This does not mean we use manipulative cloak and dagger stuff, but we do optimise the and improve the customer's experience. A client that enjoys and aligns with a brand or message because they enjoy the experience is a more satisfied customer that will return again and again.

Forensic Behavioural Linguistics in Digital Communications Analysis

Taking the tools and techniques used in SEO, digital marketing analytics and data science and combining them with neuro, psychosocial and forensic linguistics. Using them to research online digital communications across social media, blogs, forums and websites, in general, may be an essential step in protecting people from online threats, fraud, bullying and extremist content.

It may seem a bit big brother, but if you think about how the internet works and how we interact with it, then you will see it is all through words. Even with modern technologies from Amazon and Google, and others, from Siri to Cortana that use spoken the language to search it is through words. In social media, we message each other through written or spoken word form.

In SEO terms one of the deciding factors for search engine ranking is the keyword focus on the site you are optimising in relation to the words search by the prospect.

The tools, techniques, technologies and most importantly, the understanding used can also be utilised in detecting online threats. Searching out fraudulent and harmful content. Seeking out online bullies.

Forensic psycholinguistic analysis can also be used to profile and understand the perpetrator of the threat from a demographic and geographic, socioeconomic background and education level point of view but also from understanding their mindset and motives, the level of threat and so forth.

Through a comparative forensic linguistics, we can also help determine who the perpetrator/the author of the threat might be by and provide supporting evidence in order to get a conviction.

Data science and predictive modelling can also be used to ascertain the direction in which this threat may be going.



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