9 Article Marketing Tips: Series Marketing Your Cause

Estimated 2 minutes read: 9 Article Marketing Tips: Series Marketing Your Cause

Article marketing can do a lot for your social enterprise, not for profit or cause. You just have to know a few things and here are some tips to help you out.


  1. First, you have to make sure that whatever you are writing about is relevant. If you know for a fact that your product, information or viewpoint could be useful, then do some additional research about it, know it inside out and be an authority in what you are about to say.
    1. Most importantly of all end the article with a link to your website. This does two things. One, it gives readers your website detail so that they can find more information and two, it helps with links back to your website to improve your SEO and search rankings.
    2. Before you upload the article, check if the site you plan to place your article in has similar topics to ensure you are targeting the right audience.
  2. Just like what you read in the newspaper or see on television, the article must be both timely and newsworthy. This will allow you to stay in touch with what is happening in the world. One good way is signing up with a site that gives you alerts with regards to certain topics.
  3. Some writers post one article about a given subject and that is it. Just like movie producers in Hollywood, you should post a sequel to this because there could already be new information available which you could share to the public. You could frame a new perspective or continue on the discussion, again showing you are the authority within a given subject.
  4. You should also make your articles have the opportunity to go viral. What this simply means is allowing other people to publish your article just as long as nothing is changed and you are given credit for it. If the article is on your own site then ensure you have share buttons enabled.
  5. Try and keep your articles short and simple. Short so that it will not bore the reader. Simple so that they will be able to understand the message you are trying to convey.
    1. Of course, there is always room for long-form article writing and there is a definite market for that but when you are trying to write and article where people take an action, visit your site or take up a cause, its best not to over complicate your arguments or points. Focus on the result you want from the article.
  6. Just how many articles must you write to increase traffic? The good news is that you only need 2 to get things started. Good titles tend to be “how to do something” and “x number of tips for something.” If this catches their interest, that person will most likely click on the link to your site and then buy something, donate or get involved. The bottom line is that it increases web traffic.
  7. You can stop at just 2 articles to promote your site. If you have other products/causes or campaign, you can write articles on these as well and then mention them in the resource box. This is known as cross-referencing which a lot of webmasters allow their contributors to do.
  8. Aside from posting your written work in other websites, don’t forget to also put these in your own. If you have written 10 or more about the same topic, put these together to what is known as an e-book and then pass this along for free, or charge a small fee for it. Again, if people like what is written there then they might like reading it several times, in a dedicated and concise format.
  9. Aside from posting in websites, make use of RSS feeds. There are plenty of them around to make use of. This means you can get fresh content on your website from other sources as well as ideas for future articles around current trends.


There are two ways to get into article marketing. The first is to write it yourself and just hope that people will appreciate your writing style. The other is to hire someone to do it. Some charge by the hour while others charge per word. It may be worth looking into this if you have a budget and do not feel like a wordsmith yourself. Fresh content, written, video etc increases traffic to your site and improve search engine rankings. It also helps you appear as an authority on a subject, not just to your readers but also to search engines. More on this in future articles.


By following these article marketing tips, it won’t be long before you start seeing an increase in traffic.  





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