Any time for a POEM in your digital marketing strategic planning?

POEM is a marketing acronym that is basically designed to make you think about your marketing media in groups of Paid for, Owned and Earned. The M in P.O.E.M. simply means Media.  

For charities, not for profits, and activists for change, the Paid media may be a bit of a stretch as unless you are lucky money for marketing and communications campaigns is next to nothing. Charities though can get some free advertising budgets from some of the web giants like Google in their Adwords platform, as some quite generous amounts, Google offers up to $10,000 in-kind advertising grants. But you will need to fit their criteria and apply, you can check if your organization is eligible here  

For the purpose of this post though the P in POEM stands for Paid digital media. This can be any form of paid-for advertising on social networks, magazine sites, search engines, etc. They can be paid for posts on blogs or in social network feeds.  

The idea behind the acronym is to make you think about planning a strategy around each area of the digital marketing utilize. By grouping them into Paid, Owned, and Earned Media you can break your plan out into these categories to ensure you are getting the most out of your money, resources, and time.  

Paid looks at all of the media where you pay to promote your message but it can be very costly.  

Earned in agreeably one f the hardest elements in digital marketing and this is where you have managed to get a positive mention, promotion, or review from another site or web users without having to part with money. Often you will have to do something in return but often these can be as simple as a good review on a site not associated with you or your organization. The problem these days in the saturated digital economy those who are seen as thought leaders or ideal advocates will usually want to pay for a retweet or a blog or mention. 

Owned is by far the easiest as these are all of the media sources you control and are completely your domain such as your website and/or blog, your email system, your CRM is you have one, your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Linkedin accounts and so on.  

More often than not organizations spend a look of time and resources on Paid media activities but somehow seem to forget about building the relationships to utilize the Earned media angle and more worryingly they spend very little time fully utilizing their own owned media that they have full control over.   

If you are running a not for profit, charity, fighting a cause or running a social enterprise it is well worth the time to simply write down and list it out on a piece of paper what media you have at your disposal under these categories and then setting out a plan to make sure you get the best out of all of them.


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Any time for a POEM in your digital marketing strategic planning?

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