Managing Digital Marketing a Guide – 101 basic level – intro

Intro to this section

The world of digital marketing can be daunting and confusing. In today's world, you know you need to do something, but there are so many somethings you could do which one do you choose and when? How much will it cost? Do you have the time, resource and technical skill to get it done? Or are you best to outsource it? And if so who to? How do you know who is offering a good deal and service and who is not?

The aim of this guide is to help answer all of these questions. I will be looking to write it from as generic a standpoint as possible to ensure that the information in it remains true and accurate for as long as possible. In the every changing, digital world technologies and techniques change fast, and it can be hard to keep up.

This guide will make some assumptions, and they are as follows:

  • You know what the internet is
  • You know what a search engine and social media site are and have some understanding of how they work from a user experience
  • You have a website, or web presence or are about to have one (this is not a guide for building websites)
  • You have a product or service to sell or something to promote

These are simple assumptions, but they cover what this guide is not. There is no history of the internet and SEO here only advice and best practice as it stands today. As we go along the aim will be to keep this guide as jargon-free as possible, but where jargon and terms are need as a reference we will do our best to explain these in plain English.

The basic 101 guide will break down into the following areas:

Focus on the basics of setting things up, getting a good structure and starting to market the website via SEO, paid advertising and social media

  • Websites
    • Design Basics / Usability
    • Mobile Friendly
    • Onsite Optimisation
    • Keywords
    • Website Analytics
  • Search Engine Marketing
    • SEO / Search Engine Optimisation
    • Offsite Search Engine Optimisation
    • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media
    • Overview of social media
    • Deciding which channel/s is best for your business
    • Promoting your site through social media
  • Email Marketing
    • Planning
    • Strategy
  • Content Marketing Basic
    • Knowing your customer
    • Creating and curating content
  • Digital Analytics
    • Analysis best practice
    • Plan for useful data


  • Digital Marketing Planning
  • Content Marketing
    • Knowing your customer
    • Putting together a strategy
    • Tools, techniques, and tactics
    • Creating engaging evergreen content
    • Curating content to become seen as an influencer
    • Influencer marketing
    • Monitoring and improving
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Using Facebook
    • Using Twitter
    • Using Linkedin
    • Using YouTube
    • Social media marketing and advertising
    • Social Media Analytics
  • Digital Analytics
    • Analysis best practice
    • Plan for useful data
    • Bringing together all your analytical results
    • Optimising and improving your result
    • SEO audit

103 advanced topics

  • Psychology of Digital Marketing Communications & Customer Insight
    • Conversion Rate Optimisation and Predictive Digital Analytics for Marketing

To a novice, it might sound a lot, but to a technical SEO and digital analyst, they will know this is barely touching the surface. The aim will be to keep things simple so that business owners and managers can gain real insight to plan for success in their digital planning. Making it easy to plan for success in the digital world.



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