Changing the world with digital marketing

As a digital marketer, you can change the world. That might sound dramatic but it's not far from the truth. With the power of technology, more data than is imaginable and the use of behavioural science in the digital persuasion business has arguably some of the most influential tools in modern society.

This can be a force for good or just Google Cambridge Analytica and you will see how it has been used by some as a force for evil. But is its influence real? Are we really that persuaded by what hits our tiny screens, what pokes us, twerps, at us, or likes us. Or is a poke as good as a nudge to a blind horse?

We are all affected by what we see and hear, what we experience in the world on a barely at all perceivable level. Whilst our brains generalise, distort, and filter out the millions of bits of data that fly at us in the experience of every moment to shape our reality. Those bits of data have an effect on us at a subconscious level. Causing thoughts, that lead to an emotional reaction to produce chemicals such as dopamine highs or crashing lows which can not only change and affect our bodies but also our minds.

Now imagine we gained mastery and control over that influence on us on a personal level. But then imagine if big business and political leaders around the world were looking to gain mastery of it on a global and national scale, to suit their own agendas.

This is one of the reasons for creating this site. Not just to train people on the basics of the digital and direct marketing, communications, and persuasion business but also to help consumers and voters protect themselves against undue influence.

We only have to look around the world right now polarised, aggressive and inhumane it has become, and in no way can we not say that this is, in part, due to the digital ecosystems that infiltrate our world. A world that these technologies were originally meant to make more free and people more informed.

People are living in a constant state of fear propagated by the media, big business, and politics.  We have stopped listening to each other as humans and only appear to see each other by our differences, our worldview is shaped by whatever digital echo chamber we have been segmented into.

If we understand how we are influenced and how we can influence for a positive change we have the tools to do something about it and help educate those who may not see the need.4



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