Psychological Persuasion tools for shaping change Chapter 13 - pulling buying and agreement triggers

Lesson 10: Pull the buying trance trigger

By this point you have read 9 powerful sales and communications lessons that all on their own can get you to this point. All, have their own powers on a conscious and subconscious level but when they are all combined, subtly, or a mix of them are brought together they become some of the most powerful persuasion techniques in the world to influence the thinking and the mind of our targets.  

All of this will be wasted though if you don’t pull that sales trigger, if you don’t ask for the business or close the deal. Simple but true. One of the biggest mistakes I see salespeople making is forgetting to ask for the business.  

Even if you are not reading this book to learn sales techniques you may still need to understand this principle. Closing the deal on an argument or debate and getting the other person to publicly admit or submit to your thinking is a very powerful tool on them on s subconscious level. Public commitment and consistency to that commitment can be very powerful tools in changing a person’s social identity on a subject or argument.  


There is no need to hide it from the customer or person you are debating. They know you will get something out of the deal so be honest and ask for the business and they will trust you more. Ask for their money or signature or commitment to your cause.  

Timing though is important. When you recognise they are in the buying zone this is the ideal time to ask for the business. If they do not already have it in front of them put the contract in front. If you are not already at the till guide them in that direction. 

Body & Mind: 

It’s your turn for a bit of body language. Physically point to where they sign or put your hand out for the money and at the same time say the command words “sign here” or “give me the money and the deals yours”. This works on two levels on the subconscious: 

  1. The movement triggers them to sign or reach for their wallet 
  2. The command makes them do it without thinking 

The brain has trouble processing two things at once let alone three so when they are in the buying zone and deep in the thought of having the product these movements and commands pull an imaginary trigger in their mind. It will be hard for them to fight it as they will not be able to process what you said properly let alone the action and you will find people will be signing and handing over their money before they have even said yes to the deal  

I am not for a second suggesting that you should trick someone into signing but merely guide them to finish the deal. To get what they came for. Knowing to ask for the business or pulling the sales trigger is an important step and you can do this at any point if the timing feels right but make sure it is right. Trust your instinct because as previously stated gut reaction is your analytical subconscious mind reading signals your conscious mind would not pick up on.  

Lesson 10: Pull the buying trance trigger and ask for the business at the right time.  


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