Bombarded by words

We spend our days being bombarded by words. From the first thoughts that jump into our heads as we wake up to the very last thoughts that fill our minds as we try to fall asleep.  

Some of these we notice, some we do not.  

We have words thrown at us from every direction. Infiltrating our very thoughts.  

Whether we throw on the TV, switch on the radio or just look at our smartphones first thing we start our days with the words of others entering into our reality. If we don’t filter this it can impact on our day, our thinking, our feelings and even our health. 

Far too often our thoughts and the words bouncing around inside our heads are to someone else’s agenda. Whether that be our work colleagues, our partners or that of a furtherly detached third party such as those that filter through to us from the mass media or social ecosystems.  

If words become thoughts, and if thoughts become feelings, and if these feelings cause chemical reactions to shoot around our bodies, then words can affect our health.  

There are some schools of thought that also state that our bodies can become addicted to certain naturally occurring chemicals caused by thoughts and emotions. Good or bad they don’t know the difference. And if so the body can then be seeking to replicate situations whereby that chemical reaction occurred previously. Meaning that if our bodies become addicted to the chemicals that are the result of sadness that it will be predisposed to seek out situations where these reactions can occur again. When this happens the body is controlling the mind and not the other way round.  

Whether this is true or not it gives us pause of thought.  

We know that when we watch a sad film we get sad, we get those emotions well up inside of us and from what? From a story formed of words, images and sounds that are external to us but that are now affecting us, in very real terms, internally. And we know this is also true of funny films, scary movies, music and so on.  

So why should this be any different when it is the mass media, social media or digital ecosystems we engage with.  

People are said to touch their smartphones over 2k times a day. Think about that.  

How many words, stories, thoughts and ultimately agendas of others are infiltrating into our minds? And how is that affecting our thoughts, feelings and so on.  


This article was written by Sam our Founder, Editor and Chief Behavioural Anarchist. Sam is a Data-Driven Marketing and Behavioural Communication’s Strategist based in Telford, Shropshire in the UK.

Here he is a Writer on Behavioural Insights, Media, Communications, Data Science & Marketing Technology. Keeping a watchful eye and investigating the misuse of technology and behavioural science by big business, media, and politicians in manipulating online narratives to sway public opinion. All opinions are his own. :

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